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Passive cooling options for server room in case of extended power outage

My company is moving into a large warehouse with a high roof (with large generally-open doors for trucks and forklifts) with an existing server room with a split-system airconditioner, and will be ...
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How to decrease humidity level in a server room

We have a small server room and the humidity level inside the room is far from the ideal. We have been measuring it between 60% and 68% for 3 months. Ambient room humidity inside the building is about ...
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Minus degrees in server room

I se most questions about server room temperaturen is "how much do i need to COOL down the temperature. But this questions is about how low temperature can servers work in? My servers will be in ...
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Why do technicians recommend a lowest temperature for server rooms?

This answer redirects to OpenXtra that suggests server rooms shouldn't run too cold. Google also suggests not going lower than 55°F, but doesn't go into details regarding why. Given that: CPUs do ...
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Is the temperature differential in my server room to large under heavy load

I have two temperature readings for my server room one measures the ambient temperature the other measures the exhaust for a server cluster. I have noticed recently that the difference between these ...
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Server Rack, Power Strips and UPS

I would like to get rid of all the messy power cords behind our server racks by using short power cords (1's and 2's) with multiple power strips connecting to two different UPSs on separated circuits. ...
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Does the power consumed by an air conditioner adds to the total heat generation in a server room?

I have to size up the air conditioning in my server room. I have calculated a total load of all the power consuming equipment in my server room, i.e. servers, networking devices, SAN, lighting, UPS, ...
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Hardware Checks after Air Conditioning Failure

We had an overnight air conditioning failure. We discovered that the temperature in the server room had reached about 110-115°F (43-46°C). We powered off everything that hadn't already and had the A/C ...
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Server corrosion, air conditioning and climate control

We made the unfortunate discovery that our servers in our in-office server room are rusting away. This came to light after the first one had failed. One obvious candidate is the AC unit, that ...
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Estimate power and cooling for server room

We are trying to determine the right power and cooling for a new server room which would be about 350 sq ft., our power is 220V. We are initially only planning to start with a single rack with ...
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Server Room Temperature Control

We have a makeshift server room that contains a rack with half a dozen servers and some network equipment. The room is cooled by a dual-hose portable a/c unit that is vented into the attic. At this ...
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Server room door automatic opener [closed]

I'm looking to solve the problem of having the server room door open "automatically" when we need to move a large amount of equipment into the room. The typical case is the lab admin gets a large box ...
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Cooling for a very small server room? [duplicate]

I reorganized everything in a room to make it into a "official" server room so to speak. It was full of boxes, old junk, etc. and right now there is only a cabinet with office material. The reason I ...
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Troubleshooting unusual server room power issue. (Suspected power surges or spikes) [closed]

We have been experiencing a very strange problem in our new office's server room across all the power outlets. Specifically, when all the equipment is up and running (i.e. the air conditioning system,...
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Will leaving a wet jacket to dry in a server room damage any equipment? [closed]

It rained on my way in to work this morning and I was absolutely deluged by the time I made it in. I took my jacket off and hung it over the handles of one of those trolley/wheelie things people use ...
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Where is the best place to label a server? [closed]

There isn't much room on server chassis and I'm wondering where a label with the servers name should go. Is there any other information in addition to the name that should go on the label? Does it ...
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Blackout Blind for a server room

Would getting a blackout blind reduce the temperature of my server room? I have already silvered the windows and our aircon is struggling but we are not in a position to be able to replace the aircon ...
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Server Room Temperature Monitoring - Where to stick my probes?

I have a small server room approx 7' x 12' with an A/C unit dedicated to this room that is positioned on of the short (7') sides and blows air across the room towards the other short (7') side. The ...
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How to safely raise server room humidity

We've just completed an office move and had no time after the construction of the office to run any sort of environment testing on the new server room. The server room is a good size and the ...
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What to look for in a server rack?

I'm looking to purchase a rack/enclosure for some servers. As this is my first time shopping for this type of equipment, I need to know what to look for. I'm asking not only about how to buy the rack, ...
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Office Server Room With Bad HVAC Affecting Lungs [closed]

I work in a University office that is a small triangle in shape, about ten feet at the window and five feet at the door, with a length of about fifteen feet. The University has used this office to ...
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Temperature in server room

I was just wondering if anyone had an idea if the following values for a server room are acceptable or what needed to be changed. In the room the temperature is 17c with RH of 38% and Dewpoint of 2....
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Where should we store a small server/router/switches in a small office with no closet?

A branch office is about to move to a new office with possibly zero enclosed storage space. The technology resources we need to relocate include: Mid-tower server (file server) 24 port switch (2) ...
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Are bare steel floor tiles suitable for a server room?

We're moving in to a new building, soon. Most of the building has a raised access floor consisting of 600x600mm square tiles; galvanised steel-coated MDF. (The closest equivalent I can find is Tate ...
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How can I identify the manufacturer of our raised floor? [closed]

I'm managing servers in a 'hand-me-down' computer room, where we have absolutely no documentation about the floor system, and I'm attempting to determine who the manufacturer was so that I can then ...
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I've inherited a rat's nest of cabling. What now?

You know, you see pictures like below and sort of chuckle until you actually have to deal with it. I have just inherited something that looks like the picture below. The culture of the organization ...
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Where do I put the server in a cramped office?

We have very limited options for our first server in our small office and none of them look good. We are buying one HP Proliant ML350 G5. Per the HP power calculator with our system specs, we're ...
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Should maintenance staff have access to server rooms? [closed]

After reading a similar question on Reddit, I wanted to hear from the serverfault community on the practice of letting maintenance staff in to server rooms without supervision. There are obvious ...
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How would you measure the amount of atmospheric dust in a server room?

We've been advised by our tape library vendor that one of the reasons we might be seeing lots of errors is if our server room is particularly dusty. It doesn't look dusty, but that's not to say it's ...
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Reduce vibration by suspension?

We have a location near a railroad line and when trains go by the vibration seems substantial enough to possibly cause (or explain) harddrive damage. I wonder if suspending a machine or hanging it ...
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Cooling Server Rack with Water? Sensible? Reuse energy for small installation?

First - this is not a shopping question and not about concrete prices but about general feasibility. It makes no sense to look for a manufacturer if the approach is bad. I am moving my company to new ...
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Is carpet, or another floor covering, appropriate for a server room?

Ive requested the carpet to be removed from my server room, a disaster was almost waiting to happen air con leaked and the carpet UNDER the rack was soaked. (air con unit 0.3 meter from rear of ...
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How cold will the servers get, if the room is flooded with CO2? [closed]

Is there anyone out there who has witnessed a server-room being flooded with CO2? What was the state of the servers afterwards? The de pressurizing of CO2 must have an enormous cooling effect. I ...
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When do I need to consider 3 phase power? [closed]

Ok, I'm trying my best not to make this too subjective and provide all the information I can and if you can help make this a better question then please suggest. My friend an I have a small software ...
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Construction workers filled my SAN with concrete and mineral dust

Update: EMC has dropped our warranty and support, so this is going to be an insurance case. Dell says's that we can get a professional cleaning agency to refurbish the servers and keep our warranty. ...
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How dangerous is a wet server room floor

We have a couple of tower servers in a small server room. The carpet is wet as a result of the cooler and no-one else really seems concerned about this but I'm not too happy. I'm only a lowly ...
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How to extinguish a small fire in a server rack to minimize damage to surrounding equipment?

Suppose I have a rack with several servers and other stuff. One of servers overheats severely and either starts smoking or catches fire while there's a serviceman nearby. If anything similar happens ...
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Engineers are using explosives to remove hard rock outside our office building. What countermeasures should we take?

Our building is located approx. 100 meters from the explosive charges. They happen several times per day, and really shake the entire building a lot. This is going to go on for many days and the ...
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Ionization option on our A/C turned on or off in a server room?

Our server room is a converted closet, and we have a pair of wall-mounted air conditioning units to cool the room. These are both pointed towards the front of the server racks, and there are a couple ...
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routing calls from landline to end user cell phones

I have to setup a server to route telephone calls coming to a particular landline no to cell phone phones depending upon the availability of user. I want to know what technology call centres or ...
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How to build and run a machine room?

The last guy quit (I think a lot of adventures begin this way?) and I've been given the job to build a new machine room. I am coordinating with 2 engineers, campus ITS, campus Facilities Management, ...
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server room specification standards

Is anyone aware of any standards or guidelines for server rooms or data centers (of any scale)? I am in the process of making suggestions for a design and although some things come out of experience ...
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Walk-In Cooler Server Room?

After searching a little bit, I wasn't able to find any specific information on this, so here I am. We've got a single 42U rack with 6 servers and some switches. It is currently housed in a coat ...
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Why datacenter water cooling is not widespread?

From what I read and hear about datacenters, there are not too many server rooms which use water cooling, and none of the largerst datacenters use water cooling (correct me if I'm wrong). Also, it's ...
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data room access in a hospital

I am the librarian for a large hospital - Hoping to tap into the collective wisdom of the group for a request that came to our library from our IS department Can anyone provide a resource or (...
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Which is better for heat: 120v or 220v?

I've got the following gear in a small 120sqft room. While AC is supplied it's a home/office and in the summer both the central air at full go and a standup indoor portable AC on full barely keep it ...
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Terminate short CAT5 uplinks?

My employer is moving to a new building and i'm in charge of creating/moving the IT infrastructure. There are 3 floors with a patch closet on each floor, then CAT5 uplinks down to the server room on ...
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Moving server room to another part of the building

This question is a bit different than the typical we are moving our server room to an off site location or we are moving the whole office to a new building. Management wants to add some more office ...
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Implement a rule to access physically the server room

We have a server room and right now it's like in wild west: the strongest one can get in and do whatever he wants. I would like to prepare a list of rules to follow to monitor the access and ...
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Is there a good way to build a DIY LCD KVM?

I've wondered for some time whether it would be possible to build an LCD KVM. My server room has two KVM switches with CRTs, and I really don't want to shell out $1000+ on one of the nice 1U rackmount ...
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