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A service (also daemon or server) is a programme that constantly runs in the background. It usually services requests. If you are asking about online services, please use a different tag.

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How to start/stop/restart launchd services from the command line?

How do I restart, say for example my httpd or afpd, running any Mac OS X >= 10.5 (Leopard-), without having to use the GUI and go to System Preferences -> Sharing and unchecking/checking "Web Sharing"?...
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Where can I find data stored by a Windows Service running as "Local System Account"?

I'm using a service which stores data on disk. The service is running as "local system account". Where is the stored data for that system user? I'm thinking about C:\Documents and Settings\Default ...
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What is the difference between service and systemctl?

Maybe this is a trivial question, but it is not totally clear to me. On one of our servers we have some background processes running which were started with service and some others which were started ...
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"reboot" or "shutdown -r now": what restart command is safer?

We have in our organization around ~500 RedHat Linux machines. On all the machines we installed applications and services under /etc/init.d, and oracle RAC servers. We intend to perform yum updates ...
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Free public SSH server for testing purposes [closed]

I'm writing an application that makes connections to SSH servers. It doesn't need anything specific from the server (except running under GNU/Linux). I need SSH servers for running my application ...
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get notification when systemd-monitored service enters failed state

I need to have network messages sent when a systemd service I have crashes or is hung (i.e., enters failed state; I monitor for hung by using WatchdogSec=). I noticed that newer systemd have ...
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Configuring Systemd Service to run with root access

I have a service in the form of a node.js application set up with Systemd on Raspbian Jessie and it is using its own user account. However, I am finding that the service does not run correctly because ...
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How to automatically restart a service on failure in Linux

On Windows, you can set what should happen if/when a service fails. Is there a standard way of achieving the same thing on Linux (CentOS in particular)? A bigger part of my question is: how do you ...
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How to find memory usage of individual Windows services?

Task Manager shows the overall memory usage of svchost.exe. Is there a way to view the memory usage of individual services? Note this is similar to Finegrained performance reporting on svchost.exe
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What does "<service_name> dead but subsys locked" mean?

I'm trying to run memcached on a centos box and it runs for a while, but then ends up in this state: memcached dead but subsys locked netstat shows this: tcp 0 0 :::11211 ...
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How to list services/daemons started at boot _and_ check their loading order

I want to be sure in what order services are started during boot process in Debian based systems (Debian Squeeze in particular).
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3 answers

Find out who disabled a Windows service

I was doing some fault finding, and I've discovered two services which should be set to automatic have been set to disabled. What is the best way to find out who did this? It could be someone from ...
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Disable all services, except ssh

How can I disable all services except ssh on modern (systemd based) linux distributions? I need to implement a maintenance mode. All these services need to be down: postgres postfix apache cups ...
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Terminology: Bounce versus restart [closed]

I've always heard and used the term "reboot" or "restart" to indicate restarting a server, service or software module. "reboot the server" "restart Tomcat" "restart the XYZ service" Does "bounce" ...
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Can't start CentOS 7 "network" service

I Can't start CentOS 7 "network" service after disabling and removing "NetworkManager" service. When I check the network service status, it comes up with the following error: #systemctl status ...
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systemd service with multiple After

Is it possible to create a service that depends on several other services? What is the right syntax? Such as: [Unit] Description=service description After=...
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How to set systemd service dependencies?

During CentOS 7 system boot nginx start fails with the following error: 2014/08/04 17:27:34 [emerg] 790#0: bind() to a.b.c.d:443 failed (99: Cannot assign requested address) I suspect this is ...
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Configure buggy systemd service to terminate via SIGKILL

Background I've been asked to create a systemd script for a new service, foo_daemon, that sometimes gets into a "bad state", and won't die via SIGTERM (likely due to custom signal handler). ...
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How to "restart" particular network interface on RHEL?

In RHEL, instead of using service network restart command, how can i restart a particular network interface, lets say "eth1", with only one command. "Only one command" because that is the only ...
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Although 80 and 443 are system ports, how are most web servers able to bind to them anyway?

Running a web-service that binds to port 80 usually doesn't require sudoer privileges. Since ports 80/443 are system ports, meaning they can only be used by privileged users, how come those services ...
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Cannot change Windows Service properties: Error 87: The parameter is incorrect

I'm trying to disable a service in Windows 10 from the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services snap in. Service Name: OneSyncSvc_1e21e Display Name: Sync Host_1e21e Description: This service ...
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Why isn't my upstart service listed in service --status-all

I created a bunch of upstart jobs for my services that I'm running on an Ubuntu 12.04. I can successfully start them and stop with with: service my_service start service my_service stop but they are ...
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Is there an equivalent command for 'init.d/networking restart' in OS X

From time to time, I've encountered issues with OS X clients' network connections (Wired and Wireless, Leopard/Snow Leopard) where nothing will fix the issue, until you reboot. Is there a ...
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Linux: How to pass parameters to `service foo start` (at command line)?

I'd like to pass an argument to the service I am starting. E.g. starting a server in a debug mode. Like, service jboss-as start debug Or such. But service seems not to support that. Is there some ...
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Proxy with netcat forever

I am proxying a VNC TCP server port with netcat. The proxy machine runs linux. This is the comand I use: mkfifo backpipe nc -l 5902 0<backpipe | nc 5902 1>backpipe is ...
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Windows Service: Can I configure the current working directory?

By default, Windows services start in the sytem32 directory (usually C:\WINDOWS\system32). Is there a way to set up a different working directory? I am thinking of some registry parameter beneath ...
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How to change Linux services startup/boot order?

As the question is clear from the title, how do I change Linux services startup/boot order?
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Stopping the WinPcap Packet capture service

I just installed WireShark, which also installed WinPcap. During the installation it said "do you want xxx to start automatically", which I answered yes. Now I would like to stop the service when I ...
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How to use variables in a systemd service file?

I'm creating a service file for a daemon, and I would like to use variables (in init scripts I used environment variables) to define some parameters for the executed scripts. For example, I would like ...
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How to remove or uninstall an orphaned service?

There are times when Windows Services are installed and for various reasons, that hopefully are not important to the answer, the service no longer has the installer attached to it. Therefore, this ...
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Understanding service --status-all output

I am trying to understand the output of the service --status-all command on Ubuntu 13.10, since the man page doesn't explain it. For example: [ + ] rsyslog [ - ] sendmail [ ? ] sendsigs [ + ] ...
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How can systemd run a command as root before launching a service as a different user? [closed]

I'm running svnserve on a Fedora 17 machine with the following systemd service file: [Unit] Description=Subversion Server [Service] User=svn Type=forking ...
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Windows services not starting automatically?

We've had some nasty time sync problems on our Windows Server 2008 R2 servers lately. I traced this back to something very simple: the Windows Time Service was not started! The time can't possibly ...
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How DNS service discovery, multicast DNS and Bonjour are related?

I am a bit lost in the terminology. I wanted to start to use Bonjour. As the first step, I tried to find an easy way to use it. And I thought that I, probably, can call Bonjour from the command line ...
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Fixing services that have been disabled in /etc/default/ with puppet?

I'm using puppet to (theoretically) get npcd to start upon installation, however on Ubuntu, that service comes installed with the default setting in /etc/default/npcd of RUN="no": $ cat /etc/...
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How to set up Google ShortName service for my domain, so that the FQDN isn't needed

The blog post "A 'tinyurl' service for your domain" explains how to set up a ShortName service for your domain using Google Apps. For example, if your domain is and you use Google Apps, ...
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Nginx hangs using "service nginx start"

I've compiled nginx with custom paths for my production server and when I try to start/restart the service using: service nginx start or service nginx restart It enters a new line without ...
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Monit configuration reload - supposed to restart monitored services?

Running Monit 5.4 on an Ubuntu server. When I use monit reload, it seems that it restarts monitored services (Tomcat 7 in this situation). Is it the expected behavior? Documentation says : reload - ...
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Scheduled restart of a service with powerhshell as non-admin service account

Before I get shot down, I know how to schedule a task, restart a service with powershell or give a non-admin account the privileges to restart a service. That isn't the problem. The problem however is ...
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Running arbitrary program as daemon from init script

I need to install a program as a service in Red Hat. It doesn't background itself, manage its PID file, or manage its own logs. It just runs and prints to STDOUT and STDERR. Using the standard init ...
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varnish daemon not listening on configured port

I'm trying to install varnish on ubuntu 16.04, I read several article none are working. From what I read, since ubuntu 15.04, the way of configuring varnish has changed (because of systemd). Now on ...
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Force-Removing Windows Services

I am getting the following message while trying to remove a windows service with SC command? C:\Users\chacha>sc delete service_name [SC] OpenService FAILED 5: Access is denied. I tried to change ...
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Apache 2.4 is unkillable and can't be stopped on Windows Server

We have two Windows Server, one in 2012 R2 and the other in 2008 R2 which uses Apache HTTP Server (httpd) 2.4 in proxy/reverse-proxy mode (usage of ProxyPass, ProxyPassReverse and Virtual Hosts ...
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Upstart : start service after non-upstart process

On Ubuntu 10.04, I need to start my service with upstart, but only when mysql is up and running. The problem is that mysql itself is not handled by upstart, so I can't use the "start on" feature. ...
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Make systemd user service depend on system target

I have a user service in ~/.config/systemd/user/example.service like so: [Unit] Description=Example service [Service] ExecStart=/bin/bash -c 'host > /var/tmp/...
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Rename windows service

Is there a way to rename a windows service? Not the display name, mind you, the actual name. I can't seem to edit the value in enum\root to be what I want, and there ought to be an easier way, I ...
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How do I specify NetworkService or LocalService for a Windows Service on a Domain Controller?

This question is a not duplicate of these existing questions: AUTHORITY\NetworkService does not exist (question is for Windows Server 2003 How can I run a process as "NT Authority\NetworkService&...
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How to ensure a service is running, using Chef?

I am in a situation where Chef might start a service (postgres) but it might subsequently be stopped out-of-band. I want a subsequent Chef run to cause the service to be running. I have tried this: ...
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Services: Is there any real difference between "Manual" and "Disabled"?

I was just looking at our server, thinking about disabling any Services that we're not using, and it got me wondering: Provided a Service is never called by anything to start, and it's just sat on "...
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Recommended way to disable a service in Debian

Is there a "recommended way" to disable a service in Debian? (Disable = The service is installed but won't start automatically when the machine boots.) I know that you can update-rc.d -f service ...
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