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Teamcity - package javax.servlet does not exist

How do I import javax.servlet in Teamcity? I have the below error message when I try to build the java project through teamcity IntelliJ IDEA runner. This is my first time with teamcity and I'm using ...
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Java servlet 404 error tomcat 8 but not tomcat 6

I have a server which I flip back and forth between tomcat 6 and tomcat 8. When I do an HTTP post using the command curl -v -X POST -d @webOpenCnsRealCheatsheet.xml -H Referrer:mobileWMS,LLC -H ...
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Apache Tomcat standalone or with nginx or apache?

I will be rolling out a fairly big project that will be running on Tomcat. I will have a linux VPS for it (Debian). i wanted to know if it is recommended to run it by itself or behind a httpserver ...
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Lotus Domino Server 6.5 crashes frequently

We are running lotus domino server 6.5 in one our VM machine. The web applications hosted in this server are running for past 10 year with no issue. But suddenly for past few months the server is ...
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Need advise on linking apache and tomcat

I have been searching this for hours with no luck. I have a web server that uses https on Apache2. I also have installed tomcat7 on the same server to run some Java webapp on it. I need to keep my ...
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ColdFusion 10 Servlet Issues

I'm currently experiencing problems with ColdFusion finding my servlet. In ColdFusion 9, I would simply put it under the wwwroot/WEB-INF/classes/ directory and ColdFusion would serve when requested. ...
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Memory-consuming servlet crashes Tomcat

I have a Tomcat server that serves many webapps, each with many servlets. Sometimes, a single servlet of a single webapp runs out of memory, and then the entire Tomcat crashes with a Java "Out of ...
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Configuring Tomcat to not load web-app automatically at start up [duplicate]

I have a Java web app which I'm deploying using Tomcat but I'm having some trouble with this. The problem is that my web app has to talk to some native libraries (via JNI) and those libraries do not ...
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Tomcat: possible to exclude jars during app deployment?

By default, Tomcat prevents webapps from loading several .jars which are part of the Tomcat distribution (eg the servlet and JSP APIs) - is it possible to configure others to also be excluded? If it ...
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Error running any Java web project on my notebook

when I try to run any java web project I get this error. BUT this only happens on my notebook. I've tried on other desktop and other notebook on the same order and everything works well there but to ...
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What is a Servlet Container and how to install one?

I am about to order a VPS (virtual private server) from a provider, and I guess I have to install some Servlet Container right? I am about to use SOLR and my website is PHP MYSQL JAVASCRIPT based. ...
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Where should I put tomcat external libraries?

I'm trying to run scala applications under tomcat, and whenever I use standard java stuff, I seem okay. However, when I do things like string concatenation or sequence generation, I get weird errors ...
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Apache Tomcat Servlet 404 Troubleshooting

I maintain a GWT web application that uses 3 java servlets for file download/upload and data transfer. I had my servlet mapping sin place and have not touched them in months, just a few days ago I ...
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