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Cannot launch multiple connections using Shrew Soft VPN

I am on Windows 10. I am using Shrew Soft VPN to connect to two VPN servers. I was able to connect to both at the same time. ipconfig would show two virtual adapters with the expected IPs. While ...
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ShrewSoft vpn client connects but no data

I'm using ShrewSoft VPN-client to connect to a client's network. It's an IKEv1 IPsec with AE256, SHA256, and MODP2048. This connection works fine with ShrewSoft VPN-client under Windows7 or Windows10. ...
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The shrew VPN client and configuration to connect to a McAfee (IKE Phase 1 IPsec Phase 2) VPN server

On a Windows box I have a McAfee (McAffe VPN Client 5.9) client able to connect to a VPN server. I'd like to connect from a Linux box. I see the configuration and gateway on my Windows box has the ...
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VPN Client connection drops when second user connects

My customer is using a NETGEAR FVS338 for internet access and s2s-connectivity for his two locations, which works flawlessly. He (and a couple of his employees) also use the ShrewSoft VPN software ...
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Shrew Soft VPN - Network Connection Timeout Occured

I am trying to troubleshoot as to why I am getting the following error when I try log-in to the VPN using Shrew Soft VPN. What doesn't make sense is that it works on the same machine except that in a ...
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VPN: remote hosts can see client, client can't reach anyone: tap0 remains silent

I've been on this for the better part of the day. Everything seems fine, and really behaves as such (well, except it's not working), but there must be a catch somewhere. The server: NetgearVPN ...
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Script Shrew VPN

I have the Shrew client installed in order to connect to a cisco VPN. (side note: anyconnect royally blows and I spent several hours trying to get it to work; I had shrew running within 2 minutes ...
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