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How to size compute/gpu/storage/network for generative AI or LLM? [duplicate]

I would like to provision compute (servers), gpus (say 2 A100 80GB or H100), storage and network (may be 100GbE) to run OpenApaca 7B ( model. How ...
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How to generate file size statistics in Windows 7?

Say I have a PC connected to some experimental instrumentation. C: is the system partition with Windows 7 and all the programs on it, and D: is the storage partition where all the acquired data is ...'s user avatar
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Ceph hardware sizing calculator

I would like to calculate the Hardware sizing for a ceph cluster. There are so few references to the sizing, that I try to get these details here in the community. E.g. what shall i have depending on ...
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Nginx: could not build map_hash, you should increase map_hash_bucket_size: 64

I need to use redirect map with quite a lot rules (2k+ lines, file size is ~200K) I have the following settings in nginx: map $uri $new_uri { include /etc/nginx/conf.d/; } ...
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Shift+E to change units in top does not work

I want to toggle the sizes top shows. top -M does work, but when I try to toggle the sizes after top has opened using shift+E (as some suggested) it does not work. Why is that and what is the ...
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storage sizing for serving high bit rate video [duplicate]

I'm looking at deploying a server for high bit rate video streams up to 250 Mbps. There are 8 clients in the network which at any given point may be playing any given stream, so a worst case scenario ...
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How would one go about sizing hardware and disk space for a nagios server installation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can you help me with my capacity planning? We need to configure a nagios installation to monitor our infrastructure. As in any project, the first step is figuring out the ...
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Tomcat and nginx sizing

I manage an application that is deployed on Tomcat servers, with nginx in front, as a reverse proxy. I need some help for the sizing of thread pools / connection pools / ... I find quite a lot of ...
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Hardware Sizing for Video Apps [closed]

I need to do the Hardware sizing with following input: 600 concurrent users 200MB size video file access Users wll connect with streams with 64 KBps bitrate / 512 Kbps bit-rate Need to support 4 ...
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SQL Server Sizing

I need to create a design to meeting the following requirements for a coupon system coupons to be issued every 6 weeks each issuance will give approx 90m coupon instances coupon instance record can ...
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Proper Sizing for PDU's/Power in Rack

I've struggled with sizing my power sources and associated PDU's in my server racks. Somehow I feel like I'm way oversizing things based on nameplate requirements on power supplies. My simplistic ...
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How do you size a server for PHP?

Can someone provide references / guidelines on how much server (memory/CPU) an installation of vanilla PHP would require for a given workload ? I've been looking at the Amazon EC2 instance sizes http:...
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tool for sizing backup target

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on tools or ways to calculate out what your backup-to-disk target should be sized at for Backup Exec? I'm working on a project for a customer and we ...
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Choose the right hardware to build a squid proxy server (200 users)

I need to prepare a squid proxy server for my company. We have a new fiber connection (100 mbit) and I need to give access with user and pass, speed up navigation with caching and do a little web ...
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How many instances of rails can I run on one server?

I'm a developer trying to determine the best way to approach a rails app. I need to provide some options for deployment and am trying to minimize both development costs and long term hosting costs. ...
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How to estimate needs for ASP.NET web server?

My organization currently uses a third party for .NET hosting. They have a web farm set up with load balancing and real-time failover across two web servers. The third party also does the ...
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How should I size a server that will run several virtual machines?

possible duplicate: Assessment & Planning Toolkit I'm planning to rent a dedicated server from our provider that will host several services (SVN, LDAP, etc) each as a dedicated virtual machine. I ...
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How much horsepower is needed to have 100Mbit/sec OpenVPN throughput? [closed]

My small ALIX machine is not coping with the new demand for OpenVPN throughput I have. So I'm looking to replace it. Problem is, I don't have any experience with hardware sizing for OpenVPN. I'm ...
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Somewhat powerful server needed for computationally expensive stuff

So here's my problem. My Dad runs a company that does some rather computationally expensive stuff. This is not supercomputer level stuff, but it does take several hours to run the average job on his ...
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OpenVPN Hardware Requirements

I am planning an new network. All the traffic coming out of this network will be fowarded into a VPN in order to exit out onto the Internet on a distant server. This will be done via OpenVPN. There ...
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Load-testing tools for Active Directory?

Are there any tools out there that can torture-test and measure AD performance? We're looking at a fairly major expansion of our environment (think tens of thousands of computers) that will throw lots ...
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