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Is it "common" for an IT department to provide a Network SLA to the business internally? [closed]

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are pretty common when services are being purchased, we all expect that our business grade ISP, cloud providers, etc will offer a guarantee of 99.9% uptime, X amount of ...
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SLA for Azure VM for ONLY 1 availibily zone in ONE Region

I'm looking to get the Microsoft SLA for Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure when there is ONLY 1 availibility zone available in ONE Region. The following SLA only describe the SLA when there is a ...
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Report of Uptime for Azure Services

Are you aware of any resource that monitors the uptime of Azure services? I've been asked to demonstrate that Microsoft meets their stated SLA, specifically for Azure Active Directory Basic or ...
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Industry standard SLA for API Gateway static IP change notification?

Assume a "public" API Gateway having a single domain name (ex. and a set of 8 static IP addresses assigned to an "East" hosting facility to load balance that domain. A subset of ...
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Is a single instance VM with a SLA possible in Azure with 3rd party software?

I understand that single instance VMs aren't eligible for an SLA in Azure. For the SMB customers who have important applications that weren't built well enough (Sage 50 in my case) to allow you to ...
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IP SLA: tcpConnect frequency and jitter codec

I am trying to generate different kinds of traffic with IP SLA on a c7200 router, I am using the simulation software GNS, so if required I can change my router. My aim is to generate congestion to ...
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Monitoring of event-based SLA violations? (such as file delays)

Our current SLA's require delivery of a file within a specific time window. We have quite of few of these files, generated at various times during the day. I know of external monitoring sites like ...
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Route maps on dual homed Cisco router

I have a Cisco 1801 on a remote site with dual WAN connections, with route maps to correctly NAT depending on which interface the traffic leaves via. I use IP SLA to adjust the default route from the ...
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Oracle application and DB scale out in private cloud

I have a client who was looking to migrate their Oracle environment to Amazon - probably Amazon RDS but were unable to get the SLA they wanted from it. I need to know if deploying something to ...
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How do I configure NAT rules when using ASA IP-SLA when leveraging post-ASA-8.3 NAT syntax?

We are currently running ASA9 at a location with redundant ip connectivity. We'd love to configure ip sla so that internet access survives a single carrier outage. I'm aware of the ip sla commands, ...
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Is it possible to do IP SLA in linux?

Is it possible to do static route tracking using IP SLA in Linux? What I want to do is something like this: I have two internet connections(ADSL and Wimax) connecting to switch. Use ADSL line if you ...
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Looking for a solid redirection infrastructre [closed]

We have critical servers (webservers and databases) that are fully replicated, except for the reverse proxy that we use to hide the internal stuff. This proxy is acting like a router that filters and ...
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Are Microsoft Azure SQL Federation services covered by the SQL Azure SLA, or is it currently in CTP?

I can't seem to find a definitive answer for this. Are the new SQL Azure Federated Database features covered by the SQL Azure SLA? Or are these features still considered to be in CTP?
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IP SLA on Cisco 1921 IOS 15.2T

Can someone explain to me why I cannot create IP SLA probes on a Cisco 1921 with the latest IOS (15.2T). It is clearly available for that IOS on that router model on the Cisco Feature Navigator ... ...
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T1 versus Cable Modem

We've been using T1's for years and never changed the connection to a faster Cable Modem. I am concerned about support, return to service. I cannot find in legalese Cable vs T1's FCC Regulations SLA'...
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7 answers

DDOS Attack Victim - How much to Admit?

Here's the environment: Website that hosts a forum/journal/bboard/email/socialmedia application in walled garden (ie you pay to get to use it or are invited to do so Many Clients pay to use the site ...
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How to define appropriate measurements for a Service Level Agreement?

I work for a small development house who are increasingly being asked to put together formal SLAs for our products based on particular configurations. From a development side of things I'm ...
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Geographically distributed, fault-tolerant and "intelligent" application/host monitoring systems

Greetings, I'd like to ask the collectives opinion and view on distributed monitoring systems, what do you use and what are you aware of which might tick my boxes? The requirements are quite complex;...
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General SLA Expectations and Maintenance for Standard Services

What would generally be your expectation for SLA uptimes across the following services in a given month for a 'normal' scenario? I'm including my expectations... the purpose of this question is to ...
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Documenting an outage for a post-mortem review

We had a rather serious outage this past week affecting several services which put us out of our SLA with customers. Now that everything has been resolved, I am conducting a post-mortem review. From ...
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Where is a good place to find a good SLA agreement?

I would like to find a website that provides example service level agreements (SLA). Anyone know where I can find good examples?
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What's the difference between a SLA and an OLA?

SLA = Service Level Agreement OLA = Operating/Operational Level Agreement What's the difference between the two? Or is there really a difference?
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