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Slack is a popular instant messaging service that has a large ecosystem of integrations.

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Setting up Slack Alerts for Monit monitoring MySQL

Trying to set up Slack alerts for Monit and MySQL/MariaDB but stuck in writing a MySQL check script. I have the monit successfully working if MySQL is stopped and receive email alerts - but want the ...
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Alertmanager with Custom URL within Slack

So I have Alertmanager running with Button in slack. I've created a new button that I want to use with a custom domain, however add an expression to the url based on the alert. {{define "...
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How to monitor mysql status variables and push to slack?

I've been trying to find a free way to monitor mysql status variables and push a slack notification when certain variables hit a threshold (ie: large number of connections). At the moment, all the ...
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Supervisord to send slack notification when a process starts

I am looking to add a web hook to a supervisord file. // sys admin skills are less then present... current file.. [supervisord] user=root nodaemon=true logfile=/role/log/supervisord.log ...
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