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Uninstall Oracle Java JRE where misexec reports "this is only valid for products that are currently installed"

I have several end users where Oracle Java JRE 1.8.0_xxx is installed but the automation to use the UninstallString via msiexec /X is failing by saying the product isn't installed. On these machines ...
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Can I measure the performance of a linux software bridge using this setup?

I need to measure the performance of a linux network bridge ( on a particular machine (machine A). My initial idea for a setup looked like this: ...
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What is the best way to clone a set of software RAID 1 disks?

Here's the thing: One of my friends has a server with software RAID-1 with a set of two disks. The task at hand is simple: clone the disks into another set of two empty disks. He is running CentOS, I ...
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Can I use AD to control who can install software based on their role?

A scenario. You have to group of employees, identified in AD as Agents and Engineers. Can I set up controls so that: Agents cannot install software Engineers CAN install software Thank you in Advance ...
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How do I know when SCCM is done installing software packages after imaging?

We are preparing 3000 computers for deployment in a short amount of time. We do this every year. We had a last minute change and we are turning them on one by one to update them and while doing so I'...
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How (if at all) is KVM used with enterprise workloads?

This is sort of similar to Q123566, but I want to add a few clarifications: KVM is the Linux-kernel-based virtualization technology (specifically: a hypervisor) that underlies most non-Xen FOSS ...
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mdadm: failed to set writable for /dev/md126: Device or resource busy

yesterday my one of SSDs on my server came into a faulty state. Well at least mdadm --detail /dev/md126 said that. Also mdstat showed [2/1] [_U] on one of raid partitions (md126 specifically). I ...
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which means double 2 points in a vnc connection

install real vnc to make connections to a windows server but at the time of accessing me it appears that to access I must approach it with the route I understand that : after the IP ...
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USB virtual storage device service

I'm not sure if this exists. I have a client with a DVR that will accept a USB drive as a backup location. On an ubuntu server, can I create an empty file with dd, attach it to whatever the service ...
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Inventorying Emailing Software

My company has recently decided to update our mail server and I've been tasked with inventorying all of our applications that use the existing server to send email so that we know which systems we ...
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What should I need to do after a CPU/IGP change in Ubuntu 18.04?

On the next week I'd like to change my cpu from an Intel G3930 to G4600. What should I need to do and why? Can I change without reinstall anything? Linux can handle this automatic? Do I need for ...
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HKCU Sotware In Registry & Malware

In reading about forensics its mentioned that malware could be found in the Software HKCU. My question is if malware installs will Windows definitely put it in this registry section? I always assumed ...
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What factors affect the speed of a VPN connection?

What hardware/software factors affect the speed of a VPN connection between two computers (1 Gbps network cards) on a lan with just a 1 Gbps switch between them ? More vague : Is it possible to ...
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Multiple Issues with Salesforce for Outlook Plugin and Outlook 2013

I've recently started at a company where the sales department relies pretty heavily on Salesforce. There is a strange balance of forces here where the staff really seems to hate Salesforce, and any ...
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Illegal Content in Company Assets [closed]

I am trying to find illegal content in company laptop such as: movies, torrents, music, etc. We are thinking of building a script that automates the search and reports filenames with certain ...
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