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SQL Developer PL/SQL script fails to display output over OpenVPN after running a certain amount of time

The Problem: When I try to run gather stats over OpenVPN on my Oracle 19c database, SQL Developer doesn't return the typical "PL/SQL procedure successfully completed" message if it runs for ...
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SQL Developer queries are very slow if I am not connected as sys

I want to run my PL/SQL Queries on SQL Developer and created a new user connection. But if I run: set serveroutput on size unlimited; begin dbms_output.put_line('Hello Oracle.'); end; / clear ...
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Oracle SQL Developer usage tracking over Windows Terminal Server (wts)

The Oracle SQL Developer contains a usage tracking module. When you start the application the first time, it asks you whether you want to sent statistics to oracle or not. In a Windows Terminal Server ...
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SQL Developer - The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

This is my first time connecting to an Oracle server. I'm using SQL Developer. They only gave me an IP, the default port (1521), a user name and a password. So I filled them in in the "New / Select ...
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Initialization error while trying to connect to Oracle using SQLDeveloper

I've installed Oracle 11.2.0 and Allround Automations' SQLDeveloper on Windows 7 64-bit. When I run SQLDeveloper and and try to connect to Oracle, I get the below error: Initialization error Could ...
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How to connect to an Oracle Server hosted in VMPlayer, from a SqlDeveloper client on my local client machine

Disclaimer : I'm novice in Oracle configuration and I want understand why it does not work. Here is my configuration : My local machine : Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) My VM hosted on my local machine ...
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SQL Database Admin or Developer?

Can someone explain the main difference between each? Which one do you consider more difficult? Which one is it easier to find and maintain a job? Im trying to start the first stepping stone of doing ...
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Need 64bit SQL Server 2008 for Windows 7 64bit OS

I have Windows 7 64-Bit, and I have SQL Server 2008 Developer edition. Whenever I am trying to install SQL I an error stating that I cannot install 32-Bit SQL Server on a 64-Bit OS, but in the SQL ...
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