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isse while accessing synthetic attributes within resource group in heat

The question is related to openstack heat templates. I am not sure about what's the wrong with the below situation. I have a resource group that creates multiple neutron Ports. While trying to use the ...
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Squid in dual stack ipv4 / ipv6 reaching out for services only served on ipv4 interface

I am running a dual stack network and am running a server there (Squid, Apache, DHCP, Mail,...). The network is working properly. However not all services running on that server provide a listener on ...
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Docker NFS volumes "no route to host"

I have an NFS server at nas.vm.lan == It exports /srv. I have three Docker hosts set up as a swarm at docker-gitlab-swarm1/2/3 == I have four volumes defined ...
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docker stack deploy without downtime

I am following the Docker tutorial and do it in my own version version: "3.1" services: web: image: deploy: replicas: 2 ...
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How do I deal with tags for a docker stack deploy?

I've got a docker compose (3) file which I'm doing a docker stack deploy on. I do this in a Jenkins pipeline. The way I deal with tags is that i set an environment variable API_TAG and the (relevant ...
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