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Statsd is a node.js application created by Etsy. It is fundamentally a statistics and data aggregator, collecting data over UDP, aggregating it and then forwarding on to a backend service, such as Graphite.

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Can I use statsD to scrape Kubernetes metric endpoint or from Kubernetes metric exporters?

Can I use statsD to scrape Kubernetes metric endpoint or from Kubernetes metric exporters(for kubernetes infrastructure metrics like nodes, pods, control plane)? I see people are using Prometheus more....
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How to capture UDP traffic so it can be piped to grep

I'm trying to capture UDP traffic which is being sent as StatsD metrics (on port 8125). The most simple approach I tried is to run nc -ul 8125 which prints the metrics to the terminal...but they are ...
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Aggregating stats from events old and new

We'd like to feed CDN logs into Graphite and aggregate numbers found in there (rate of different HTTP status-codes, average response sizes, average cache-hit ratio, etc.) However, the logs are only ...
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How to forward UDP packets from Docker container to host

I have a host (A) with a StatsD daemon listening at root@A# netstat -uln Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State udp 0 0
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Aggregate per timestamp datapoints in graphite

My first post so be gentle please! So I have an installation of graphite up and running on Ubuntu 16.04 server. (version 0.10) I am sending in metrics and everything works fine, but I am sending in ...
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How to view historical usage metrics, per process?

My first inclination here would be something built into SAR, or the sysstat package in general. If that is indeed the case however, I can't seem to find this solution. What I would like to see, and ...
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How to send server metrics data to statsd?

Our monitoring stack is Grafana + InluxDB + statsD. We use it for application monitoring. We need to add server metrics (CPU, memory, network connections, etc...) to Grafana, so I'm guessing we'll ...
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Adjust time settings on server: change time or timezone in OS, or configure graphite settings?

So I have a server collecting metrics via StatsD, which get aggregated and shown via the Graphite webapp. If I mark the Auto-Refresh option in my chart, the time doesn't match with the time I'm on. I'...
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Logstash conditional output to statsd - based on haproxy request URI

I have Logstash version 1.4.2 analysing haproxy logs using the HAPROXYHTTP pattern, and it is already sending counters and timing information to statsd for aggregation and onward storage in Graphite/...
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Monitoring and Alerting for application traffic

Currently I put hourly traffic (total number of input requests) of my website in a MySQL table. I keep data for the last 90 days. I want to check every hour, lets say 6th hour, that whether the ...
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tcpdump increases udp performance

I'm running a set of load tests to determine the performance of the following setup: Node.js test suite (client) --> StatsD (server) --> Graphite (server) In short, the node.js test suite ...
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How to display MongoDB stats in Graphite?

After googling for 2 days with no solution I would like to know if anyone uses Graphite with either CollectD or StatsD to include MongoDB statistics in a dashboard. I was hoping for an up-to-date ...
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Sending data to statsd does not work in some locations with content_by_lua_file

Before Until recently I used nginx 1.4.x with zebrafishlabs/nginx-statsd as a reverse proxy for openresty (yes, I know, nginx behind nginx is stupid - keep reading please) with the following location ...
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How to make Statsd talk to Ganglia on EC2 (localhost)

As per topic, Im just trying to make this simple setup work. The services are running fine, but as far as I can tell statsd doesn't send anything over to ganglia. Ganglia is working fine I guess since ...
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How do I get the Graphite webapp to (re)read what's currently coming from collectd?

I have collectd running the tail plugin and writing data out using the write_graphite plugin (via carbon). This seems to work. If I then change the tail plugin config (e.g. change the Regex or DSType),...
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How do StatsD and CollectD relate?

How do StatsD and CollectD relate? Is StatsD and alternative to CollectD Is StatsD used to aggregate metrics coming from CollectD (and possibly other tools) something else entirely. If so what?
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Normalising vhost name from varnish for statsd

The setup I am collecting statistics from Varnish with Logstash, which is configured to increment statsd counters based on the vhost in the server logs and the result code. I also have carbon ...
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nc (netcat) hangs, waiting for more data, in UDP mode.

I'm trying to send a small string to statsd via nc inside of a read block: while read line; do printf "folder.counter:value|1c" | nc -q 0 -u $host $port done Unfortunately, when in UDP mode, nc ...
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How do you delete a counter in graphite whisper?

I have a counter at and want to move it to I've updated my code to populate the new counter, however the old one still exists. I've read all I need to do to ...
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Highly-available, Web-accessible and scalable deployment of statsd and graphite

I'd like to setup statsd/graphite so that I can log JS apps running on HTML devices (ie. not in a contained LAN environment, and possibly with a large volume of incoming data that I don't directly ...
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Statsd, Graphite and graphs

I've setup Graphite and statsd and both are running well. I'm using the from graphite/examples to measure load values and it's OK. I started doing tests with statsd and at first it ...
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how to write a script in statsD to insert metrics information in graphite

Can anyone please guide me about how to write scripts for statsD & see the metric in Graphite. I am getting the graphs for the default scripts run by statsd to graphite i.e Cpu usage etc but i ...
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What's the right way to start a node.js service?

I'm running a node.js service (statsd) on CentOS 6. What's the proper way to daemonize and start such a service? Potential Daemonizers--are daemonizers supposed to be language-specific or general?: ...
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Alternative to etsy/statsd

Is there any alternative to etsy's statsd? Maybe even a complete dashboard-like solution? My research only found proprietary SaaS solutions. For those who do not know: statsd is a deamon which ...
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How does one publish statsd stats for consumption by graphite?

We're just now getting to grips with statsd+graphite, and we (think we) want to look at graphs sliced differently. For example, say we have a website foo that is multi-tenanted to 3 customers and ...
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Graphite is plotting increments from Logstash in float

I was trying to mimic this I have following setup nginx(app server) ==sends the increment==>Etsy statsD=====>Graphite This setup is working fine ...
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