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Why does svchost.exe gradually consume more and more CPU on a Server 2016 Domain Controller?

We have a physical server that is running Windows Server 2016 and is acting as a domain controller. We are monitoring several services/parameters on this server via Nagios/Check MK and are noticing ...
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DHCP Client on Windows Server 2012 high CPU usage

svchost.exe was seen to be consuming a lot of CPU time (12%) continuously for weeks on end. It has been determined that its DHCP Client which is causing this. I'd rather not disable the DHCP client ...
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Server 2012 windows update stuck forever

I have a problem with Windows Server 2012 (NON R2). Basically, svchost/wuauserv is stuck using 100% of 1 core (and 2GB RAM), indefinitely. I tried pretty much everything I found online: Made sure ...
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.cs files being parsed on IIS 7

I have a C# script I'm trying to call via HTTP on IIS7. When I make a call to it, I get the following. I am having an issue where I am trying to serve .cs files in iis 7 but I'm not sure what to use ...
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The W3SVC service on Server2012R2 failed to stop in the timeout period

Our Devs are trying to do a "push" and it is failing on a single IIS server (running Windows Server 2012 R2) because the push is unable to stop the WWW Publishing Service (W3SVC). We have been ...
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Why is svchost.exe showing up in Symantec Endpoint Protection as a threat from local server hitting a local web server nonstop?

I'm having a problem where I have a local server machine that shouldn't have anything to do with our local web server, but yet the web server's Symantec Endpoint protection is showing the local server ...
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svchost suddenly overloading CPU on many servers

it seems that on many servers (w2k8 and w2k12) in our environment suddenly svchost hosting Dhcp, EventLog, lmhosts, Wcmsvc services started to use 1 CPU core by 100%. Sometimes it is also WmiPrvSe. It ...
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svchost.exe using tcp https protocol on local port 50721?

I am noticing a ton of system processes running on my network from a specific computer and there are TCP https packets being sent. Here are a few IPs I notice. Is this normal? Ukraine addresses giving ...
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SvcHost CPU usage jumps from service to service in netsvcs group

Hopefully this is a variation on the previous svchost.exe troubleshooting questions. We initially got reports of slow performance on a number of Windows 7 PCs. Resource Monitor showed that the IP ...
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Who is reading my hard drive? (svchost) [closed]

I am using Windows 7 Pro. Using Process Monitor tool I see that Windows is constantly reading stuff and writing stuff to the hard drive. Most of the time under Process Name I can see what program ...
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Memory consumption by "svchost.exe -k netsvcs" on Windows 2008 R2 SP1

We have a number of servers (Windows 2008 R2 SP1) with "svchost.exe -k netsvcs" regularly occupying ~1Gb of memory and that's too much. All servers are primarily application servers w/o IIS or MS SQL ...
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svchost.exe -k netsvcs occupying >1GB memory

I have noticed my production server "svchost.exe -k netsvcs" is occupying >1GB ram memory, steadily, which I think is a bit excessive. This is what tasklist /svc will give me for this process: ...
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Svchost.exe consuming so much memory

svchost.exe is consuming 1,3xx,xxx K memory in my Windows Server (2008) which possesses 10GB RAM. I found the following services are contained in this process: AppMgmt BITS CertPropSvc gpsvc IAS ...
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NSI service on Win2008R2 using huge amount of RAM over time

I have Remote Desktop Servers running Windows 2008R2. Some with all the latest Windows Updates, some without. All of them, over time, have a svchost process eat up a large amount of RAM (goes up and ...
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How to find out CPU usage of DLLs within an instance of svchost.exe

My Windows Server 2008 R2 should be almost idle, yet it's taking about 12-15% CPU almost all the time. The busy process is an instance of svchost.exe Using SvcHost Process Analyser, I've established ...
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Ok to disable DNS Client Service on Windows 2008 Web Server due to high CPU usage?

Occasionally on one of my web servers svchost.exe runs around 60-80% running the DNS Client Service. This is on a Windows 2008 Web Server machine (patched up all the way) handling around 10M page ...
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svchost.exe runs at 90% CPU, tasklist /svc shows RpcSs is the culprit

I'm running Windows Server 2003 Standard (Much to my distaste), I've applied all the security updates and now I'm stuck with a box that's constantly being hammered by svchost. The process ID is ...
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windows server 2008 100% CPU

I am on Service Pack 2. My CPU is running at 100% with either svchost.exe or services.exe. I know that this was common in XP, server 2000, etc. But now I only seem to find posts for Vista. What is ...
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Limit services hosted by one svchost.exe under Windows XP?

Is there a registry setting or something to limit the number of individual services that are run within a single svchost.exe process? I'm aware of the WIN32_SHARE_PROCESS flag and the sc application'...
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What could be causing SVCHost to leak handles?

I have a problem that has been causing me all sorts of grief recently. SVCHost appears to be leaking resources all over the shop. This is the SVCHost run with the arguments "-k netsvcs". At the ...
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WebClient service always at "stopping" state

The WebClient service always at "stopping" state. Of course the service itself does not work (I cannot access sharepoint folders using their UNC paths, for example). Tried rebooting - the service ...
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How to find memory usage of individual Windows services?

Task Manager shows the overall memory usage of svchost.exe. Is there a way to view the memory usage of individual services? Note this is similar to Finegrained performance reporting on svchost.exe
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What is svchost and why are multiple instances of it running?

There's six instances running on my desktop, and probably ten on a server I manage. What is this, and is it vital to system function?
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Finegrained performance reporting on svchost.exe

This is something that's always bothered me, so I'll ask the Server Fault community. I love Process Explorer for keeping track of more than just the high-level tasks you get in the Task Manager. But ...
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