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Questions tagged [system-building]

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1 answer

Where to plug in the power switch on a HP proliant ml330 g6 systemboard?

The cable of the Powerswitch in the case needs 2 Pins, but there are 20 Pins at the front panel connector of the Mainbaord. Where I have to plug in this Cable?
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2 votes
1 answer

Configuration changes in immutable infrastructure

How are people who are using immutable infrastructure handling configuration changes between their different environments? I can't workout a nice way to create one AMI per role and use it in all ...
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1 vote
3 answers

CentOS Template for Server Builds

I am working on building a new virtual machine with CentOS installed on it. It takes a lot of time to setup and build servers to include all of the hardening steps, service changes, custom monitoring ...
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How to compile the kernel with debug symbols? [closed]

I've already finishing compiling the kernel from source, but how to compile it with debug symbols,what additional steps to I need to take?
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Building a Server to host Virtual Machines

I'm looking to put together a server with the base OS as Windows Server 2008 with Hyper V. This machine is a development box that will be hosting multiple VMs for development - test instances of ...
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2 answers

Can anyone recommend a Windows 2008 Server Build and Application Deployment best practice?

I've been given the task of defining a server build and build process for a move to Windows Server 2008 for a few hundred physical machines and a few hundred VMs. I'm from a Solaris background and am ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Reclaiming an old server [closed]

I got a server, four-2.6Ghz AMD opteron and 10Gigs RAM on TYAN Thunder board, for free. The thing is massive and loud, I'd like to reclaim the processors and RAM into two smaller computers each with ...
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28 answers

Rack Mount Servers - Build them or Buy them?

This is the canonical question for "Should I build coomputing hardware myself?" questions. I have put together countless PCs, but never a large server. The geek in me says build it, but the realist ...
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4 answers

Power Supply Calculator

When building a new PC, I sometimes struggle to determine what capacity (watts) power supply to use. Is there some sort of online calculator that exists that allows you to choose your various ...
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