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How to make sysv service dependent on a systemd service?

I have installed distribution packages of Redis and Tomcat on Ubuntu 18.04. I'm trying to start the Tomcat only after a successful start of Redis, but so far no luck. The tomcat8 package has sysv ...
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How add create pidfile to old sysv init script on CentOS7?

I have old sysv init script for start tomcat on CentOS7 I know: need create pid file in sysv init script. Script have code for create pid file. But pid file not created How add create pidile to ...
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SNMP service crashes on reload - Kernel error

My server has a SNMP service (NET-SNMP) started with systemd. It runs well, except that every 3 days, at 3:00 PM, the service crashes. I notice in the log that there is a reload of the agent. Then it ...
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Are these two commands to kill a process effectively similar?

I'm looking at some init.d scripts, and a number of them use this what is essentially this command in their "stop)" target: kill $(pidof ${DAEMON_NAME}) The pidof ${DAEMON_NAME} is actually a script ...
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start systemd service as dependancy on SYSV service

I have a SYSV service (rstudio-server) running on CentOS7. After boot, it happens to run prior to mounting of NFS filesystem, which is required by rstudio-server service. How do I specify dependency ...
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Debian Jessie UpStart / Systemd / SysV no more reboot

I have make some test on a Jessie server with Upstart installation and replace it by SysV and the reverse. After this I'm not anymore able to reboot. root@amoo-001:~# reboot Failed to talk to init ...
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sysv init scripts -- differentiate between first run (boot) and subsequent runs

Normally sysv init scripts are run at boot time (from /etc/init.d/rcS) with the 'start' argument. However they can also be invoked with the 'start' after boot, for exmaple when a service is stopped ...
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Centos 6.5 auditd fails to start with service or /etc/init.d/audit start

Fail: # service auditd start Starting auditd: [FAILED] Fail: # /etc/init.d/auditd start Starting auditd: [FAILED]...
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A lot of services do not start on boot

It worked before, but now it does not. A few services (like varnishd, memcached, apache2) get started on boot, but many others do not, like: nginx, php-fpm, vz. I don't know where to look at. There ...
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debian squeeze: where do the logs for sysv init scripts go? (why won't my init script work)

my actual problem is trying to debug a init script to start Resque. It works fine run as root from the command line, but does nothing on boot. It has some proper insserv headers and I've run updaterc....
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init.d script worked OK on Ubuntu 10.10 but not on 11.10 despite LBS header correction

On Ubuntu 11.10, if I run /usr/bin/cserver -c /etc/cserver.conf & it'll work fine. But if I run service cserver start or /etc/init.d/cserver start as I did on 10.10, it won't. It just says "...
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Linux: user defined daemons/services

I'm looking for a framework/library/environment so an ordinary user can set up it's own server processes. These processes should run under his uid as any other user process. However the definition of ...
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How can I make sure an init.d-script runs after network-interfaces received their addresses over DHCP?

I just installed couchdb on a debian5 system and added symlinks to the /etc/init.d/couchdb-script. Unfortunately, this script gets triggered on startup before the network interface received the ...
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fedora 13 init.d script, can’t stop

I wrote init.d script that suppose to run java CLI proccess. The problem is that when i stop it, i get [failed] and the proccess is still running. thanks #!/usr/bin/env bash # # chkconfig: 345 ...