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Tunnelblick / OpenVPN only creates 1 tun interface when connected to 2 VPNs

I have many OpenVPN connections and mostly they can be connected at the same time using Tunnelblick. For multiple simultaneous connections, Tunnelblick will create different interfaces like "...
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3 votes
1 answer

OpenVPN connection resetting every 2 minutes

I have an OpenVPN server running on Ubuntu in AWS, and using Tunnelblick on macOS to connect to it. I have no problem connecting to other VPN servers, but this one seems to time out/reset every 2 ...
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2 answers

Cant connect pfsense openvpn service using tunnelblick as a client

I currently have a working pfsense community version firewall. when I am trying to connect a new user to the openvpn service over the pfsense using the tls+authentication method the user is getting ...
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