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Can NFS unlink and recreate result in a race condition?

I'm seeing strange behavior and I'm wondering if it's a race condition. The strange behavior is MySQL getting EEXIST when trying to create a temporary file. MySQL reuses temp file names by default, ...
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3 answers

PHP unlink() deleting file user has no permission to

A bit of a long shot here but thought I'd see if anyone had a fix for this: I am having an issue whereby the PHP function unlink() is being able to successfully delete a file even though explicit ...
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3 answers

PHP unlink can't delete file while I can unlink this file in Linux shell

There is a file(644, owner:apache) that I can't delete it using a PHP script with unlink function. I can't figure it out why unlink fails to delete this file. BTW, I have tried fclose it before ...
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11 answers

How to make `rm` faster on ext3/linux?

I have ext3 filesystem mounted with default options. On it I have some ~ 100GB files. Removal of any of such files takes long time (8 minutes) and causes a lot of io traffic, which increases load on ...
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