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AD joined Linux machine with different suffix

I've been struggling for 4 days and according to the information I have stated below, I can't access the linux os (debian) joined in AD to users with different UPN suffixes. What kind of config (sssd ...
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Consequenses of changing UPN and migrating 'cloud only' to 'hybrid' users

We are going to change the domain name in our company, and by doing so, change all of the current users UPN from to and add the old email as an "alias". ...
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Active Directory set alternative UPN as new default

Is it possible to set an alternative UPN suffix as new default. We have the problem that our domain have a @domain.local suffix. I know how to add a new UPN suffix, or change the UPN on a user per GUI ...
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DNS record for UPN alias?

I have a active directory domain and I configured an UPN alias When a user tries to logon as how does it know the domain is actually Don't I ...
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