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Windows 10 UEV VDI - One Program fails to save settings for one user

could use a pointer on this one. We have UEV setup in a VMWare Horizon 7 environment. Settings Storage Location is on a FreeBSD based NAS that is bound to AD. We have a situation where ONE user's ...
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U-EV with Windows 10 1909

My organisation has made the leap from 1607 LTS to 1909 Enterprise and without changing any share permissions or GPO's, all custom made non microsoft U-EV templates have stopped working. The main one ...
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UE-V on Windows Server 2016 not working, but on Windows 10 works fine

My UE-V on Server 2016 is conifgured via GPO (just like I did for Win 10). It doesn't do anything - nothing is ever created in the UE-V folders. On Win 10 (same config) it works fine. Does built-...
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UE-V 2.x Agent and support files, where do you get them from?

Apologies for such a simple question, but I've been searching for how to download the UE-V 2.x client files for the last few days and all I can find is references on how to install them, nothing on ...