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How to merge Git and GitLab users

I am running a new GitLab 8.3 installation and I have imported my old/existing Git repositories. For commits that were created before switching to GitLab, it displays a link to that person's email ...
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Where to store VCS version in RPM?

We're using Git as our VCS and RPMs for packaging. I'd like to store the Git hash a package was built from, but I'm not sure on the most appropriate place. There are a number of tags available to an ...
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Puppet vcsrepo git checkout branch

I am using puppet to clone a repo on an agent node. My site.pp contains node foobar{ vcsrepo{"home/user1/gitrepo1": provider=>git, source=>"", ...
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Correct user names when tracking /etc/ in git repository and committing as root

We use git to track changes in /etc/ on our servers. Administrators work as root when changing files in /etc/, and thus their commits have author root <root@machinename> This is not very ...
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Would You Host Source Control Server Like This?

I want to host an SVN server (or git or mercurial or whatever). I have two options: Install it on a small box sitting in the office closet, only connected to the LAN. Install it on a server at a ...
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Veritas cluster 5.0 mp3 failover policies

Dear ServerFault users i've got a question here. My setup is following: Two node cluster, one service group which consists of 4 tiers of resources. Group is activated and probed on both nodes and ...
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How to set up Git server for windows xp

Probably this is very stupid question, but google dosen't helps. As I find out we should use gitweb and apache, but can't find any relevant tutorial about. Thanks.
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is git any more or less effecient than subversion? (server load wise)

curious which source repo is more effecient in terms of using server resources, git or svn?
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How to upload project with Mercurial on Google Code?

I have create a local directory, and made some sub-directories and file in it. registered by project on install Mercurial and did hg init copied the auto-generated password ...
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5 answers

SvnServe On Windows With Active Directory Authentication

Right now my company is using a network share to communicate with the SVN repository. It's really slow so I'd like to switch to SVNSERVE. The main reason my company chose to go the filesystem route ...
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good failover / high availability solutions for linux? [closed]

I have several cases where I need applications to be migrated from one server to another in the event of a failure (server hang or crash). On solaris we do this with VCS (Veritas Cluster Server). ...
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Advice on Storing /etc in a VCS?

What is the easiest VCS to use to track /etc with? What are the challenges in storing the etc directory in version control, best practices? Should I use a centralized or distributed VCS?
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