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Is "Virtual Dedicated Server" a correct name? [closed]

I've been searching for differences between servers and came accross VPS and VDSs. Which are accordingly Virtual Private Server and Virtual Dedicated Server. For example in GeeksForgeeks they say that ...
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VMware VDS ERSPAN decapsulation on Cisco Nexus 7k and mirrored to local port

We are setting up a mirror/span/rspan/erspan to get traffic (DC's live as VMs in ESX Cluster) to our Microsoft ATA server. The problem that we are running into is that a traditional RSPAN is not ...
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How to find out reason of python script stop working in background?

I've bought a VDS server some days ago just to have some Telegram Bots working 24/7. I can't keep shell always open, so I've decided to use this "hack": 1. In Python script add #!/usr/bin/python3.4 ...
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Filebackup failed - In event log the "Virtual Disk Service" has stopped (at nearly same time)

We have an Windows 2008 R2 server which is used as file server. At the weekend my colleague makes a file-backup via backup exec. We do this on many servers but only this one make problems. We have ...
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Expand VD in Raid PERC H710, Dell R720 mini

I have purchased Dell R720 server with PERC H710 Raid Controller. Initially I have configured RAID-10 with 6 SAS 300GB Drives. Installed Win2008 R2. Raid10: After deployment I come to add 2 more ...
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How to find vds/hosting with the best ping that I can have?

I'm living in tajikistan, and I want to purchase vps/dedicated server or at least good hosting outside of my country. One of important thing I want is to have a GOOD ping. For example ping to google....
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VMware vCenter Server + VDS - Measure monthly traffic per VM

Is there a way to measure the monthly traffic per VM without having direct access (eg: SNMP) on each VM? I am aware that there is VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager software which claims to provide ...
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LACP with VMWare 5.1 Distributed Switches (VDS) over multiple hosts.. How many switch LACP groups?

I'm setting up a 2-host VMWare 5.1 Cluster to use a vDS (Virtual Distributed Switch) with LACP enabled, over 4 NICs (2 per host). In times past, when I've used VMWare Standard Switches with Static ...
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Bandwidth and RAM for our VDS [closed]

We are planning give an iframe from our server to the site which daily visitor 500k. What do you think about how much do we need system resource such as bandwidth and RAM. Thanks
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Create swap file on a running Linux machine

Our company web sites have just been moved from a shared host to a VDS, as the hosting company plans on retiring the less than completely reliable shared hosting server(s). The VDS only has 256MB of ...
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Change DNS A records dynamically

For example, I'll buy domain name at I'll configure it with 2 A records with IPs and Is it possible to ping it for availability and change A records dynamically by ...
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godaddy vds SPF and Domain Keys issue

I have a question about godaddy's mail server. I have a VDS at godaddy and I want to configure my mail server to send mail to yahoo in inbox, not in spam. I have configured SPF, DomainKeys and DKIM, ...
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