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LSI MegaRAID SAS 3108: Restoring the online state from Foreign Bad (Frn-Bad) state

We have a Virtual Disk in RAID 5 using only 5 disks, one disk probably is broken because it was in an alert before. Another disk was accidentally pulled out and then it was marked as Frn-Bad when it ...
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How should I install KVM on a server with both SSD and HDD, and only one RAID card, to maximize utilization of my hardware?

I bought a Dell Poweredge at a local auction, mainly because it was too good a deal to pass up, but I only have experience with virtual servers via AWS and Linode (i.e. I'm new, so this may not make a ...
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Is it possible to run multiple RAID arrays simultaneously on my single dell r720?

I am brand new to the world of servers and system admin., but I recently stumbled upon a used server in good condition: Dell Poweredge R720, 2x E5-2640 12 Cores (2.5 Ghz), 128GB RAM, 8.2TB of drives (...
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Xen and HyperVM build question on os template [closed]

I recently built a server with hypervm and xen, now i know xen from command line, but hypervm ties into our whmcs and so its a requirement, however my question is this, when i build a new o/s template ...
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What's the downside of starting with extra large Virtual Disk?

Since it's kind of a time consuming option to increase the size of a Virtual Disk, what's the downside of selecting a huge disk to start with? (Why not start at the largest size and never worry about ...
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2nd Bootable partition P2V conversion

I have a dual boot machine (Win7 RC and Win2008) and want to migrate one of the partitions (Win2008) into a Virtual Hard Drive and the be able to use it in VPC or Virtual Server (not Hyper-V). The ...
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How to mount a CD/DVD ISO in Windows 7?

Does Windows 7 have native support for mounting CD/DVD ISO images? If not, what is the best tool to use for that under Windows 7 64-bit? I am looking for a solution to allow installing MSDN ...
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How to mount a Virtual Hard Drive in Windows 7

One of the features of Windows 7 is the ability to mount a virtual hard drive (from Virtual PC) as an actual drive within the OS. What are the steps for doing this?
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