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3k views full working template

Is there anyone out there who is using this project? I would love to see a full working template file, and they claim that this is enough to get it running: { "type": "docker", "image": "debian",...
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Poor guest I/O performance KVM Ubuntu 12.04

I have a guest VM running inside a 12.04 Ubuntu host. VM was created using the vmbuilder python script. On the host the phoronix-test-suite "aio-stress" gives a performance speed of >1600MB/s Random ...
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2 votes
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kvm/vmbuilder partitions are smaller than they should be, 10% of logical volume always unallocated

I use the vmbuilder tool to create KVM virtual machines on my ubuntu host system. For each vm I set up a vmbuilder.partitions textfile in which the partition sizes for the vm are defined. As simple ...
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How do I delete a VM from 'virsh list -all'?

I created a VM using vmbuilder but I realize that I had set some of the flags incorrectly. Now when I do a virsh list -all it still appears, laughing at my novicity. How do I delete this? (I've ...
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Install Natty VM on Lucid host using vm builder

I'm trying to create new VM using vmbuilder: vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --suite=natty (...) But i get following error: VMBuilder.exception.VMBuilderUserError: Invalid suite: "natty". Valid suites are: ...
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