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Cannot upload to catalog in VCloud Director

I just started seeing an error when trying to upload files through vmware vcloud director. What could be causing this? How do I view/modify storage policies? Cannot upload to catalog "...
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Destination Net Unreachable on an ubuntu VMWare cloud virtual machine

I am configuring a virtual machine to host an API for an application. I entered the vCloud director page and followed these steps: Generated the edges network Created a VDC organization network (192....
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Add Network Adapter to VM in vCloud Director using PowerCLI

I am using the PowerCLI version 12 and have a VM which currently has no network adapter. There is the Cmdlet Get-CINetworkAdapter but that returns null (because there is no adapter) And there is Set-...
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Best way to remotely access Linux VMs in VMware vCloud Director

I'm very confused about how to remotely connect to my linux remote VMs on vCloud and none of the VMWare documentation is helping. I have access to a new vCloud through VMWare vCloud director. This is ...
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How to connect a VM to the Internet in VMware vCloud using a Network Gateway CIDR

I am familiar with managing servers and VMs that have their own IP address and network connection, but am now trying to host a VM in a VMware vCloud and am a newb for this. I have created the VM and ...
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How to create resource for service using Corosync/Pacemaker

Am new to serverfault, hoping to see the experts answers for my query. I have done a Active/passive setup for 1 cell vCloud Director. Below are the setup details. OS : CentOS 7.10 vCloud Director : 9....
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SSH port open and is allowed in firewall, still not able to login

I have an Ubuntu machine in VMWare infrastructure. It has got a public IP address to which I can ping easily. I have installed openssh-server and I can confirm that SSH daemon is running and port 22 ...
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vCloud edge gateway DNAT does not forward requests coming from internal network

Consider the following configuration: ------------------------------- [Remote Client on internet] | | (public IP) ...
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How can I enable or support IPv6 in servers using vCloud?

I have web services hosted using vCloud and now I need to know more about the ways to configure IPv6 endpoints for the same. The only useful info I got is : "The quick answer is VCD does not support ...
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EL 7.2 failing to run customization with open-vm-tools 9.10

Has anyone succeeded in running guest customizations with EL (RHEL or CentOS) 7.2 guests? The system is VMware vCloud Director 5.6.5 and VMware ESXi 5.5. v7.2 comes with open-vm-tools 9.10.2, which ...
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Can I used squid proxy, set-up in vCloud Air, in AWS instances?

I have a squid proxy set-up in vCloud Air, which I now wish to use in AWS EC2 instances. I was thinking to create a security group using those proxy details and spin up an EC2 instance using that ...
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Retrieve VM information from VCloud

In a development shop, we have a large number of VMs with complete installations of our applications, with client, server and database VMs in a single vApp. The people who create the VMs do not keep a ...
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ansible vca_vapp AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'

When using vca_vapp in Ansible against VCloud, I get the error "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'" when using the example. TASK [vca_vapp vm_name=myvm3 username={{ ...
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VMware Host Copy File from catalog to VM/ISO mounting not working

I have uploaded an ISO to our vcloud administrator organization catalog. For some reason the system refuses to mount it as a CD/DVD drive. It recognizes that it's an ISO, but when I select it as ...
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List VMs /vApps by date of last power-on

... in vCloud. There's a script here to do it for vSphere. Can a similar (or entirely different, I don't care!) approach be used for vCloud? (The underlying problem is a lot of seldom or never used ...
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When copying VM filesystem over netcat, dd copies double the disk size

I'm attempting to copy the disk of a working headless virtualbox VM (VM1) on one server to a new VM (VM2) on a vCloud server. I don't have access to the host of VM2. The OS is Windows Server 2003 (32-...
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vCloud Director 5.1 RDP as local administrator

I'm trying to programmatically generate a *.rdp file to connect to a VM provisioned via the vCloud Director 5.1 API. Using Remote Desktop Connection on Mac OSX Mavericks to open the RDP. I provision ...
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SVN server with svn+ssh protocol over custom port

I am running Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS as virtual machine and there is vShield also at the front with enabled firewall and some NAT modifications. There are also other machines in my VPS configuration, but ...
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VMWare vCloud Director - Force delete of an object

i'm currently rolling vCloud Director and run into some strange issues. As you might know, in vCloud Director Provider vCDs use vSphere ressource pools. The problem is that if you temporarily disable ...
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