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Centos 7 - SCP or FTP for specific user to specific folder

I've found tons of entries for this topic - but I've still not managed to get the following running: I like to provide a new user for accessing a specific already existing folder, whose owner must not ...
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Can I configure VSFTPD with PKCS11?

I want to perform TLS authentication for my FTPS server using a PKCS11 certificate store. Is this possible with VSFTPD?
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Clustered vsftpd service stops working with no error log

We've got a pacemaker cluster of vsftpd server made of two nodes in a active/pasive scheme. We have experienced the following behaviour. vsftpd.log stops recording activity while xferlog keeps ...
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Active mode vsftpd configuration

i have a question about vsftp please ! if i use active mode for my ftp server , should i see that my vsftp server is listening on 21 and 20 port when i use netstat ?? when i test sudo netstat -lnp | ...
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vsftp work in terminal but not on filezilla and browser

I work under in a docker image, under a VPS! i have install vsftp in my ubuntu 20.04! at the beginning I tested ftp in the command line and everything goes well I created a user and I tested ...
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"Combine" multiple FTP directories so they appear as one

I own a website that allows users to upload files. I have MY files on there as well, but I don't want to mix their files with mine, just in case somebody puts a bunch of malicious files and need to be ...
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vsftpd says : 530 Login incorrect

i am trying to connect a ftp user it is showing [root@host etc]# lftp testuser@::: Password: lftp testuser@:::~> ls ls: Login failed: 530 Login incorrect. lftp testuser@:::~> and my vsftpd....
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vsftpd won't allow user to follow symlinks and to write in the destination folder

Related to the questions : How to allow a vsftpd to write to a folder other than default /files? (The answers are not what I need) and Allow local users to access /var/www folder in vsftpd (I don't ...
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vsftp has a bug with Fedora 32 - how do I report it: 500 OOPS: SSL: cannot load RSA private key vsftpd

Just to be clear, this is as of Fedora 32, and vsftpd-3.0.3-36.fc32.x86_64 for vsftpd. This is NOT the same problem as previously was reported here, but it has the same outward appearance and, indeed, ...
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