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Off Topic Warning: cPanel control panel questions are generally considered off topic for Server Fault and more appropriately asked on WebHost Manager (WHM) is a web-based tool developed by cPanel used by server administrators and resellers to manage hosting accounts on a web server.

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Share WHM Mysql Database Between to cpanel

i have WHM Server. where i have multiple c panels and multiple domains. Cpanel1 is connected to Cpanel2 is connected to Cpanel3 is connected to on Cpanel1 ...
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Apache status - [1/1] The timeout specified has expired

When I check Apache status in WHM, it is full of " [1/1] The timeout specified has expired" lines. Does this mean there is something wrong with the server? My website is configured with ...
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How to resolve infection SMW-INJ-15328-cron.bkdr.perl-3 found by ImunifyAv

I have a report of a malware infection from imunifyAv and this is all I'm given: SHELL="/usr/local/cpanel/bin/jailshell" */9 * * * * perl /var/tmp/CpUOSh >/dev/null 2>&1 Reason: ...
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Uploading big files result on connection aborted

I'm triying to upload a 2,4GB of files to a Wordpress site hosted on my server. I already increased a lot of php.ini resources limits, specifically: upload_max_filesize = 7000M post_max_size = 12000M ...
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Prevent Apache from showing first virtual host if domain does not exist?

Not sure when but WHM/cPanel and/or Apache have changed how they handle requests for domains that do not exist. Previously it would redirect to http://requested-domain.tld/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi ...
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SSH TCP Forwarding and VSCode

Thanks for taking a look at my question. I've been writing code from my desk to a remote server managed by WHM/cPanel (for which I have full root access) with VS Code Remote SSH functionality for a ...
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why almalinux is hanging over night with auditlog

hey there is a hosting server overnight my server hanged up and must to restart it in morning to get it back online and saw this error in my console (you can see the picture) please help me https://...
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How to disabled X-Spam header rewrite in WHM?

I need some help with the settings on my cpanel WHM. I want to disable the options to stop rewriting the X-Spam in the header. When I send the spam emails for a test, I'm getting this: X-Spam-Subject: ...
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Canceling domain name effects in nameserver [closed]

I have 5 domain in cpanel, one of the domain name is (just say) , nameserver name is and for all 5 domains, Here I have to delete account and don't want to renew abc....
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folder size not corresponding to files inside

I have a problem! My server (Centos OS WHM) is out of space. Browse directories and naturally the biggest directory is /home/userfolder/. Using the du -sch * command, I can check the size 99GB. [home]#...
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error The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation

after change server and setup centos with cpanel lumen cron job not worked and every minutes add this error to lumen log: The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP ...
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Your content folder in "/home/{????}/public_html/wp-content/uploads" is not writeable

I am getting the same error on my both WordPress sites: Your content folder in "/home/{my_user}/public_html/wp-content/uploads" is not writeable. They both are hosting on a dedicated service ...
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Why does WHM / cPanel keep saying my password is weak and must be 65 strength at least?

I've been trying to create my very first account on, but I've faced a weird error.Basically, I want to set a password for my account. But, it keeps saying it's ...
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MariaDB crazy at 500% cpu time

GLOBAL STATUS MariaDB [(none)]> SHOW GLOBAL STATUS; +--------------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------------------+ | Variable_name ...
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Varnish cache in nginx reverse proxied WHM [closed]

We have our production server with latest cpanel version "96.0 (build 8)" and it is running nginx with reverse proxy enabled. See the netstat screenshot attached for detailed information. ...
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Virtualhost1 SSL affecting Virtualhost2 Aliase SSL

i am loading the SSL files for my wildcard subdomains from Virtualhost, but the second virtual host loads the ssl file of the first virtualhost, and the browser reports Invalid certificate error Heres ...
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Fixing crashed MariaDB databases on a cPanel server [closed]

I have a small cPanel server which I use for my clients' projects and my own personal projects. This is also shared among a few of my friends who chime in to keep the disks spinning. Recently I've ...
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DNS records: Remote A record for website and local server for mail server

First of all. I'm sorry if my question is irrelevant, bacuse i'm new on DNS Records. I have 2 Server, will call them #Server-1 and #Server-2. For. eg. i have a web site with domain name www.example....
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Splitting a domain's email accounts between Exim/cPanel and Office365

I have been plagued with a situation which has yielded no elegant solutions, from any support avenues. I have a domain, the email accounts on this domain are hosted on both Office365 and a cPanel VPS. ...
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How to automatically block with MODSEC or CSF an IP Address when it tries to access a URL

We have in our server logs every day continuos bot trying to access the below for example: Requests with error response codes 404 Not Found /favicon.ico: 3 Time(s) /3ckkB-ZOp30: 2 Time(s) /adminer-3....
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Maximum concurrent users on linux server [duplicate]

I have a dedicated server with these info: 128G RAM 6 cores/12 threads CPU, 3.4GHz 512 SSD storage WHM/Cpanel latest Apache/MySQL Centos 7.x I have a single website on this server which have heavy ...
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Getting SERVFAIL error for one domain on a cPanel/WHM server

I am facing a very weird issue. Everything works well for all the domains on server but one. I added this domain some days ago and this is the situation: 1) If I run I get ...
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