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Ubuntu VNC with XDMCP Black Screen

I have a ubuntu 22.04 LTS system with the following setup: I have a Systemd unit with Socket Activation, basically the following: [Service] ExecStart=-/usr/bin/Xvnc -inetd -query localhost -geometry ...
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Getting a working remote desktop server running on Ubuntu 14.04

OK - here is something that I have had working a ton of times in the past - an XDMCP enabled X server that serves nice and shiny sessions including a login handler. What I have: A virtual Ubuntu ...
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XDMCP works for Solaris, not for RHEL

I have some old RHEL4 servers that until recently I was able to connect to remotely with Exceed (remote desktop using XDMCP) from my windowsXP PC. My PC is connected to our network by wired LAN. ...
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Scale X software

I have a X software which only runs at 640x480. Now I have a Xvnc with XDMCP that runs on 320x240, and this result the software being "cropped" so only a 1/4th of the software is visible. Now I would ...
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GDM login screen is not displayed with VNC

I set up VNC server with xinetd. Also configured GDM so that XDMCP is enabled. VNC connection seems okay, but GDM login screen is not shown. Instead I can only see old bare X screen (gray meshed ...
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enabling XDMCP in XFCE w/ GDM (VNC Server in XFCE)

Using XFCE4, I'm trying to enable XDMCP for it. In fact what I'm looking for is to setup a VNC server with TightVNC in a machine running XFCE4. I already managed to connect via x11vnc but this ...
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Configure X server for a huge resolution (9000x4000)

I have to setup an X server on a linux station that can export its display (the whole session + gnome) to an external display which has a huge resolution (it's a wall of screens). The resolution is ...
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I need suggestions for a desktop solution for local scout group

For a local scout group, I have been assigned the task to get some computers up and running. Requirements are: Surfing the internet Being able to print a few documents on their HP printer They have ...
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What hardware thin clients are available for connecting to Linux with XDMCP (or similar)?

I'm chasing a thin client that can connect to an Ubuntu machine and utilize a modern widescreen LCD. I have used Sun Microsystems SunRay 150 thin clients for several years however the SunRay Server ...
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