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How to exit from telnet in xterm (ctrl+], ctrl+'+', ctrl+d) don't work

Can't exit from telnet while connected to host. Commands like (Ctrl+], Ctrl+'+', Ctrl+D) etc. don't work. I have tried all the suggestions from keyboard shortcut to quit 'telnet'. Are there ...
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Run xterm script from /etc/profile leads to "cannot load font"

I want to auto-start a shell script and therefore I added this line to my /etc/profile: /bin/su -c "/path/to/my/script" user - the script itself starts a xterm shell command and output ...
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MobaXTerm fails with SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_FAILURE for nonexistent channel 0 but Putty it's working

I am trying to connect to a server via SSH with MobaXterm but after inserting the password I get: SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_FAILURE for nonexistent channel 0 I am able to connect to the server using Putty. ...
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User created with useradd instead of adduser loads a wrong Prompt

I've designed my bash prompt like this \u@\h> When i now create the User example with adduser, my prompt looks like example@host> But when i create a User with useradd, my prompt looks like \u@\...
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GNU screen 4.2.1 in xterm: hardstatus in window title disappears

The only 2 lines in my ~/.screenrc are: termcapinfo xterm* 'hs:ts=\E]2;:fs=\007:ds=\E]2;screen\007' hardstatus string "%h [screen %n%?: %t%?]" In GNU screen version 4.0.3 that I used previously, it ...
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X over ssh works for one user but not another

I have a CentOS 6.5 server with the following situation: I can ssh to the root user of this server from a Mac OS X machine. It connects relatively quickly, and allows me to fire off xterm sessions. ...
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xterm color theme in Linux terminal style

In case of using command to launch xterm windows, the options I have so far is xterm -fn 8x16 -geometry 100x30. It's with white background and black font color. I was wondering if it's possible to ...
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Problems with cron script and TERM definition using top command

I have a problem executing a cron process to check current CPU use in my server. My script start with: top -c -n 1 -u www-data > /tmp/kill-cpu I can execute without problem in console, but in ...
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Anyone suggest a good ssh terminal emulator for windows (connecting to RHEL box) and proper terminal type?

We have an old C program which has traditionally been run from SCO boxes. We have a customer that went with RackSpace running RHEL and we got the app recompiled. We have a problem with terminal ...
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Disable clear at start of screen via .screenrc?

Is there any way to disable the behavior of gnu-screen, of issuing a clear at startup? I'm using screen merely as a backstop, so that if disconnected, the session isn't HUP'ed. And I've got my shell (...
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Some keys not working under screen in vim

When using vim under screen, some keys are not working. Namely, Pressing Alt-Left produces '3D' and Alt-Right produces '3C' Also, pressing Up/Down when scrolling list of files in Command-T plugin ...
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how to copy text from xterm based terminal to some other gui application on linux

i use uxrvt ( for those who dont know, its terminal emulator based on xterm). i know its easy to copy/paste stuff from terminal to itself is a trivial thing. it can be done by mouse left click to ...
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How do I remotely invoke an xterm on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

I need to invoke an xterm on a SLES 11 machine (machine A) from another SLES 11 machine (machine B). Currently it doesn't work. So I decided to test some stuff. On machine A the following works: ...
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Gnome on Thin Client from Ubuntu Server Host?

I was wondering if there was a way to run Gnome (or XFCE) from either an X terminal thin client such as a netbook running only XWindows or even perhaps a Windows maching using Xming or X/Cygwin and ...
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Is xterm the terminal window we open in Ubuntu

I know this is a very naive question. I was reading somewhere that Linux allows 7 xterm's. However, I can start more than 7 terminal apps from my Ubuntu system (Application -> Accessories -> Terminal)...
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How do I ask screen to behave like a standard bash shell?

Just learned about the screen command on linux - it is genius. I love it. However, the actual terminal/prompt in screen looks and behaves differently than my standard bash prompt. That is, the ...
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OS X Terminal lines don't go into scrollback

I have a problem that crops up when using Mac OS X's Terminal (TERM=xterm): sometimes it gets itself into a state where lines that scroll off the top are not added to the scrollback buffer. I'm not ...
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Freebsd doesn't show command output correctly in Putty

I have just installed the latest stable version of FreeBSD to a computer and I have the following problem: If, in Putty, I issue a command like ps uxa which gives long lines of output, they get ...
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What is the best TERM type on AIX for use with PuTTY, and which PuTTY settings should be tweaked?

I manage many AIX machines, generally version 5.3. Basic terminal function works just fine, but it seems like some things don't. For example nmon displays lqqx instead of the line drawing characters. ...
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What are the color names in TERM=xterm256 for colors > 16?

I'm trying to set my xterm background color to "color 234" in xterm256 color mode, but I don't know what to pass to the "-bg" option. I've tried "color234", "Color234", but those are not defined.
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Is there a way to get an xterm to scroll to clear the screen?

I'm working on a Ubuntu Linux machine and I'm looking for a way to get the xterm to scroll when things are cleared rather than clearing the screen and showing the previous contents. This may not make ...
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