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Microsoft Windows 10 Attachment Manager not working

For compliancy reasons we need to demonstrate that users downloading and then running certain file types (namely .exe) are first presented with a warning (for Cyber Essentials). The setup are Windows ...
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.\postgres looses "Log on as a service" after reboot; PostgreSQL service does not start

I've installed PostgreSQL 9.1 x64 on a Windows 7 Enterprise x64 system using the usual install method. The computer has a Novell Client for Windows, and a ZENworks Adaptive Agent, which I suppose ...
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Removal Associations for a ZENworks object?

I have all my older ZENworks objects separate into an OU in eDirectory. I'd like to remove all the associations to those objects (as in, they're assigned to users, ou's, etc.) in mass. I'd imagine I ...
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Zenworks 10 high cpu usage from dbsrv10

Specifically the process called dbsrv10 is always pegged at 100% or more CPU usage. I've tried clearing the queue-flush using these commands: zman queue-flush F zman queue-flush S However this only ...
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