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ZnapZend is an open source zfs send/receive backup tool with mbuffer and ssh support.

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How to monitor znapzend?

How one can monitor znapzend? Yes, I am aware it produces logs, but logs are pretty extensive and reading them through when you are backing up many filesystems is not convenient at all. Ideally: ...
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ERROR: zLog must be specified at creation time

I have a question, i simply want to make a lokal backup of my zfs filesystem. This is the command i got: znapzendzetup create --recursive --tsformat='%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S' SRC data DST '1y=>1w' HDD Now ...
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znapzend no longer works after upgrade to Ubuntu Server 20.04.1

Ubuntu Server was upgraded from 18.04 LTS to 20.04.1 LTS and subsequently znapzend service fails to start with the reason being: znapzend[3436]: ListUtil.c: loadable library and perl binaries are ...
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Configure "znapzend" on centralized backup server

Any idea if I can configure/use znapzend in way to "pull"/zfs receive snapshots from servers that I want to backup? I would like to have configuration where a backup server initiates backup process.
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Multiple arguments in znapzendzetup --tsformat?

I was wondering if znapzendzetup --tsformat option can take multiple arguments? I.e. one per interval/retention period.
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znapzend systemd service and command line arguments

I'm starting znapzend using the included systemd unit file and I'm wondering if there's any way, short of editing the unit file and changing the ExecStart command line, to specify runtime options for ...
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znapzend throwing up errors attempting to delete old snapshots

I am moving backup to znapzend. I see the following error on the backup server. However the backups are working fine and I can see the latest snapshots the backup server. The errors below pertain to ...
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znapzend DST file system

I'm working with a new znapzend environment. The snapshots are happening, and I have just one destination, a remote server set up just to store the archived data. It appears the data stored on the DST ...
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znapzend fails when running from cron

I'm having an issue with znapzend --runonce I am running Debian Wheezy I'm running from cron as I need to stagger my snapshots I have the following in my crontab PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/...
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