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How to overprovision an SSD for holding a smaller ZFS volume (ZVOL)?

I have a pair of 480 GB "Datacenter" SSDs (SAMSUNG MZ7LM480HMHQ-00005) that will make up a ZFS pool in a mirroring configuration. The pool's only content will be a ZFS volume (ZVOL) for a virtual ...
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ZFS compression on sparce zvol - space difference

I'm compressing a dd img of a 3TB drive onto a zvol in ZFS for Linux. I enabled compression (lz4) and let it transfer. The pool just consists of one 3TB drive (for now). I am expecting to have 86Gigs ...
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How do I configure Ubuntu 16.04 to show my ZFS zvols internal partitions?

I seem to be missing some zvol functionality, but I'm not sure how to phrase it. I had this functionality with these same zpools on an ArchLinux installation. (Migrated the server.) Ubuntu puts the ...
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strange ZFS disk space usage report for a ZVOL

We have a 100G ZVOL on a FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT host which claims to use 176G of disk space: root@storage01:~ # zfs get all zroot/DATA/vtest NAME PROPERTY VALUE ...
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ZFS: Redistribute zvol over all disks in the zpool?

Is there a way in which ZFS can be prompted to redistribute a given filesystem over the all of the disks in its zpool? I'm thinking of a scenario where I have a fixed size ZFS volume that's exported ...
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COMSTAR and ZFS zvol giving bursty write pattern

I've just built a small NAS/SAN box and am doing some testing with it. Configuration is: 2GB RAM 2x Opteron 265s Iwill DK8N 5x500GB SATA drives (1 spare, rest mirrored) = 1TB usable space Emulex ...
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Solaris 10 iSCSI and zfs zvol devices

Has anyone an experience working with Solaris 10 iSCSI and zfs zvol devices? From my experience in OpenSolaris 2009.6, zvol devices are slow and people use files as a disk images to store LUNs, it's ...
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