My Server and Client softwares run both on Linux.<br>
The Server broadcasts multicast, the Client listens multicast.

My Client has to migrate to another site,<br>
and unfortunately multicast is not allowed between the two sites :-(

**How to convey multicast between the two sites?**<br>
 - Through TCP or UDP?<br>
 - What tools do you recommend?<br>
 - What about latency?

**I received an good answer about _Cisco_ configuration (GRE),<br>
but one of the network teams do not want to monitor/maintain it,<br>**
=> when transmission will break, support team will spend too many hours to understand and repair.<br>
**=> So, what should be the best alternative to GRE?**

Is there a solution based on _Linux kernel features_ <br>
or on network card capabilities? (low latency is important)<br>
Usage examples are appreciated :-)


* **Currently:** Server and Client on the same site

  ![current network diagram][1]

* **Future:** Server and Client, each one on a different site

  ![Future network diagram][2]

multicast channel:


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