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Convey multicast (to another LAN) through WAN disabling multicast

My Server and Client softwares run both on Linux.
The Server broadcasts multicast, the Client listens multicast.

My Client has to migrate to another site,
and unfortunately multicast is not allowed between the two sites :-(

How to convey multicast between the two sites?
- Through TCP or UDP?
- What tools do you recommend?
- What about latency?

I received an good answer about Cisco configuration (GRE),
but one of the network teams do not want to monitor/maintain it,
=> when transmission will break, support team will spend too many hours to understand and repair.
=> So, what should be the best alternative to GRE?

Is there a solution based on Linux kernel features
or on network card capabilities? (low latency is important)
Usage examples are appreciated :-)

multicast channel:

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