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How to See Detailed 500 Errors?

In IIS Manager, select your site, double-click the Error Pages icon and click on Edit Feature Settings in the pane on the right. Choose Detailed Errors. If that is not enough, click on the .NET Error ...
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How to diagnose a 500 Internal Server Error on IIS 7.5 when nothing is written to the event log?

In my case: The Event Log was empty. web.config wasn't corrupt - verified by using same on local machine / using inetmgr Finally... Checking IIS logs showed a request like this ...Chrome/57.0.2987....
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nginx 500 (24: too many open files)

Your nginx server is not keeping up with the number of requests arriving. More precisely it lacks available file descriptors to open connections to the upstream. These are regulated by three ...
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Mono's XSP4 on OSX gives Access Forbidden (error 500) for any .aspx or .asp file

It looks like the problem is with what IIS would call handler mappings. You said Not (yet) using mod_mono Without it you would not get the .NET framework, so how would Apache know how to handle asp ...
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How to See Detailed 500 Errors?

IIS will, by default, show you detailed errors if you browse via localhost on the web server itself. That might help?
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http headers vanish when proxying http errors through nginx

Today I stumbled upon the solution in an ssl labs thread over here: https://community.qualys.com/thread/17333-hsts-header-not-being-set-by-nginx-on-error Basically you have to add the always keyword ...
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Nginx not logging PHP errors

I had a similar issue. I tried deploy phpMyAdmin with php-fpm 7.0 and nginx on CentOS7. Nginx showed me 500.html but there was not errors in any log file. I did all of this catch_workers_output = 1 ...
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How to diagnose a 500 Internal Server Error on IIS 7.5 when nothing is written to the event log?

The most obvious issue is improper or zero NTFS rights on the web application folder. So make sure the account serving the site has the right permissions. Without proper NTFS rights to the web ...
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Where can I find 500 errors logged while running Joomla on Ubuntu 14.4?

By default, the Joomla log folder path is /logs. If you installed Joomla 3 to /home/username/public_html/joomla, then the log folder will be set to /home/username/public_html/joomla/logs. To find ...
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Monitoring HTTP 5xx errors in an Azure App Service

To get the most detail on your errors you want to hook up your web app to App Insights. This will collect all this data and give you a (relatively) easy way to delve into them. App Insights has a free ...
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nginx prevent cache for proxy/fast_cgi on response 5xx

Well, it is strange enough, that your backend sends Cache-Control header for 4xx/5xx errors. Nginx can be configured via proxy_cache_valid directive OR it can take cache-settings from Cache-Control/...
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Almost empty .htaccess file causing 500 error response

Do not save .htaccess in UTF-8 encoding and convert it to a regular ansi. In my case server don't like this BOM thing at the very begining of the file.
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Nginx 1.2.1: How to analyse 500 Internal Server Error

The first thing to ask yourself: what is emitting the 500 response. Looking at the response headers and the page style will tell you a lot about where it came from. Eg. Is there a X-Powered-By header ...
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Nginx 1.2.1: How to analyse 500 Internal Server Error

Here is the nginx checklist I use when diagnosing errors. verify your nginx configuration using sudo nginx -t it is a very basic step but one that should always be done first. verify nginx is ...
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PHP script fails causing 500 internal based error with almost no log information

Can you look or make changes to the apache config? If so you could make sure that AllowOverride All is set for your Virtual Host or Directory.
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Nginx 1.2.1: How to analyse 500 Internal Server Error

It's typically a backend error. The (CGI) or the PHP/Javascript/Java code is crashing. There are multiple options: i) the most common one is that if you check out the nginx error log, you will see a ...
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IIS cannot serve images due to impersonation?

I had the exact same weird error and the most frustrating thing in the world is a reboot worked. These are all the steps i used, maybe they help some one even though they do not supply root cause. ...
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Testing htaccess for 500 server error without actual error

I created a folder called http500 in the www root I put a .htaccess file into that folder with the following: Redirect 500 /http500 I then opened it http://example.com/http500 You can try out ...
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Httpd Misconfiguration of certificate's CN and virtual name

This is a bug introduced by a package upgrade from Centos (I think from Centos 7.4 series). In order to solve it we need to change our "/etc/httpd/conf.d/openstack-dashboard.conf" file to: ...
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php post request curl HTTP ERROR 500

There is no php-curl installed on your machine. You should install it. Installation depends on your OS. More details about your error could be found in this answer.
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IIS 10 (Server 2022) error 500 with name, 404 with ip

Within IIS in the Bindings for your website, have you got a binding entry for the IP and port with no hostname? Since IIS allows you to have multiple websites, using multiple combinations of hostnames,...
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Server error 500.When installing Ospos onn a local lamp server

i know this question is a bit old, but this answer might help another person, i ran into same problem just now, and after i enabled php error display to screen its turns out to be php-bcmath module ...
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Weird redirection issue on nginx server while directing to index.html

The root issue is a permission problem, check that the user running the server can reach index.html (the entire path). The redirection is caused by the try_files directive, add a 404 as a catchall ...
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nginx replace error 500 with error 503

The answer to this SO question gives a couple of options, the simplest of which seems to be: Furthermore, it is possible to change the code of answer to another, for example: error_page 404 =200 ...
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nginx prevent cache for proxy/fast_cgi on response 5xx

By default, nginx will honor the Cache-Control received from the backend for its own proxy cache, see e.g. https://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,268813,268814 So it seems that the best solution would be ...
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Google Webmaster tool showing 500/502 Error on Working pages

Read through your application logs and web server logs. Those will have information on the 500 error. If they don't, increase log verbosity.
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How to get HResult codes from IIS

If you have access to the IIS service server. You can review the 50X errors in the Application log in the event viewer. Depending on the error, you might find some hints in the IIS log, but 500's are ...
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ERROR 500 on certain machines, client side or still server side?

The HTTP error code 500 ("internal server error") is reserved for serverside errors and you'll need to check the servers (error) logs for the cause, possibly after increasing the verbosity/debug level ...
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Failed to create shadow copy (CopyFile) While Loading an .aspx page in mono-server

I had this issue and it turned out a symbolic link was incorrect to a .dll file the .aspx page was trying to access.
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500 Error: "End of script output before headers" - Simple script within Wordpress theme

It's been a while, but from what I remember, and what it sounds like you need to do is - at the beginning of your script check to see if the headers have been sent and send them if not. That's ...
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