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Invalid keycloak URL error when installing alfresco-dbp with helm in Kubernetes on AWS

If you take a look at the values.yaml of alfresco-dbp global: alfrescoRegistryPullSecrets: quay-registry-secret keycloak: resource: alfresco realm: alfresco client: alfresco url: "...
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Restart Alfresco / Tomcat

The ports are right -- shutdown is on 8005 in server.xml, which is what was expected -- but from what you've shown it appears as though your first attempt to restart Alfresco stopped it, but didn't ...
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Permissions to ports Alfresco

When started, Alfresco tries to bind on TCP ports 139 and 445 and UDP port 137 for the CIFS file sharing service. These ports are in the unix privileged port range (<1024), so only a service ...
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Alfresco 5.1 CE: Versioning on CIFS shares does not work as expected

We were able to solve it: The documentation just says "Add a Spring context file to $TOMCAT_HOME/shared/classes/alfresco/extension ...", but the point is, that his configuration file has to end on "-...
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Alfresco 5.1 CE: Deactivating __CheckInOut.exe and __ShowDetails.exe

I was able to answer the question myself: With Alfresco 5.1 the files file-servers-context.xml and file-servers.properties have to be saved in the directory /opt/alfresco-community/tomcat/shared/...
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How to execute server-side JavaScript via Alfresco Share?

I think the one-time webscript is a better option than the rule approach. This can be deployed in Data Dictionary/Web Scripts Extensions with two files: Descriptor (e.g., output-data.get.desc.xml): ...
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