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I would just include the following DNS record in your Route53 configuration: www IN CNAME


You could check out this command to flush the API gateway cache, and execute it once you finished uploading. I haven't tested it myself, though.


In this case it took 1 day (or even less) to transition. Applied Lifecycle rule to "Transition current versions of objects between storage classes" from S3 Standard to S3 Glacier and set 1 day. Bucket metrics: size - 73 TB; total number of objects - 6.5 M. The rule applied on Oct 6 at 9:30 am. Checked bucket on Oct 7, at 7:00 am - all objects ...


In the <output.json> field, you should write uploaded file name. if the uploaded file name you want retrive, is a:, you should run your command like this: aws glacier get-job-output --account-id - --vault-name <example-vault-name> --job-id <job-id> at the end, the in your system. you can verify the ...


To avoid the caching behavior altogether, you can append a random query parameter when doing the request via XHR.

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