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Does AWS CLI bring data across local network when doing `aws s3 mv` between two S3 locations?

Did some testing into s3 as mentioned by @tim and after monitoring network usage, I determined that the answer is no, data is not moved across your local network
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Can't access static site S3, Cloudfront, Route53

Can you access the bucket directly with its ARN? If yes..
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On AWS Cloudfront, I'd like to route /api/* requests to an external api

You can do it by using origin and behavior. Define origin for and and add new behavior with path pattern as /api/*. Details:
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Since S3 charges by request, couldn't a malicious hacker cause a huge AWS bill just by spamming requests?

To deny requests, you would need to be hosting on a more flexible machine than a storage bucket. Cloud storage buckets are fast and cheap, but that's a little bit because they're so permissive and ...
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