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Option 4 - stop controlling the access through Security Groups and instead implement some decent authentication mechanism. For example put an Application Load Balancer in front of the web app and configure the ALB to require Cognito authentication. Only authenticated users will make it through the ALB to your web app - problem solved. The Cognito can have ...


Option 5 - stop managing Security Groups (essentially IP-based firewalls) and use TLS Client Certificates. If you're using modern user management systems like Azure AD or LDAP, you already have the right tool to issue and distribute the certificates. You'll setup a private CA and configure the HTTP server (Nginx, Apache2 or AWS ALB) to authenticate by ...


Is there a way to use this same command to return specific snapshot data. Answer: No, if you want to use mysqldump on the snapshot, you should create it as an instance first. You can also restore it as an instance from CLI/API and wait until completed, after you get the db host, you could use mysqldump to that snapshot. Here is the reference : https://docs....


The * CNAME record provides an alias for arbitrary subdomains (third level), but for the second-level domain itself, there's no entry. Depending on the tool/user interface you're using, a dummy @ name may be required.


The simplest way is to run tshark on the client with options to print rpc response times: $ tshark -i any -f "port 2049" -Y rpc -Tfields \ -E separator=/t -E header=y \ -e frame.number \ -e rpc.repframe \ -e rpc.time -e ip.src -e ip.dst \ -e nfs The output will be something like: frame.number rpc.repframe rpc.time ip....


It is recommended to use ACM for storing (or issuing certificates), but as per my comment above in case ACM is not supported within a region then you can upload the certificate to IAM. Such a certificate could then be used in an Application Load Balancer or Network Load balancer or by setting up a Custom SSL in your CloudFront distribution.

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