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How to install postgres and create new user and db using ansible playbook?

You can read in this link that: Ansible modules are executed on the remote machine by first substituting the parameters into the module file, then copying the file to the remote machine, and finally ...
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ansible handler with when condition

Change the condition when: use_handler|bool The type of the variable use_handler is a string when declared in the INI format of the option --extra-vars use_handler=true You can test it if you ...
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ansible handler with when condition

I got my answer from another forum The problem is that it’s impractical to pass a bool into a run with key=value style extra variables on the command line. To set a bool, you’ll need to use JSON. ...
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Automatic way to find where variables are coming from in Ansible

Asked feature request: - Identifying origin of variable: env var / -e / host file / group file
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