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How to secure a directory in Apache using a PHP session

This is a very old question but popped to the top of the stack today. Oddly there's lots of upvoted answers without ANY of them addressing the requirement "without every request going through a ...
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How to secure a directory in Apache using a PHP session

Expanding on @Aquarion answer: httpd.conf: RewriteMap session "prg:/xampp/php/php-win.exe -c /xampp/php/php.ini /xampp/htdocs/domain/src/session-daemon.php" <Directory "/xampp/...
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How to send Content-Disposition headers in apache for files?

You can do this without the mod_setenvif module if you can use the core FilesMatch directive to fetch the file name, like this: <FilesMatch "^(?<filename>.+)$"> Header set ...
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IP denials and Apache

For directories or elements where you want to Deny access directly, like root filesystem and such, substitude any Allow/Deny/Order directive with Require all denied The sane thing would be to reject ...
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IP denials and Apache

You're reading that wrong, I think. There's nothing in the Apache 2.4 docs that says anything about deny from [host] being deprecated; it's still documented as being fully functional. Require [not] is ...
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RewriteRule not working for apache https request

I added below in default-ssl.conf and it worked. <Directory /var/www/html> #Your directory path Options Indexes FollowSymLinks AllowOverride All Require all granted </Directory>
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Using Https between Apache Loadbalancer and backends

I don't have enough points to comment, so adding another answer for those who have encountered this problem after upgrading from Apache 2.2 to 2.4, and who were able to proxy requests with "...
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