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Reading docs from the link you mentioned enter link description here all of which the session stores temporarily while the user is connected. By default, when a user leaves a website or closes their browser, their session ends. To keep users from having to log in every time they return, applications can extend sessions by storing session information in a ...


Just a note that I bumped in a SElinux context issue , I needed a restorecon -R .ssh probably someone (me :) ) created the files first before using ssh-cop y-id


As noted in the previous answer, the variable smtp_sasl_password_maps only applies to SMTP and not SMTPD. Would that the solution were as simple as pointing Postfix SMTPD to a file. The previous answer cited what seems like an unnecessary of documentation for the problem of specifying pairs of usernames and passwords to a server. It would be nice if Postfix ...


Chrome doesn't support post-handhsake authentication, that is, renegotiating SSL and sending a client certificate when the connection is already established, because (from the Chrome bugreport page) Post-handshake authentication has a mess of security, semantics, and DoS issues. (...) Some spec work is needed to make it defined in HTTP/1.1 at all and, more ...

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