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aws s3 sync - skip "system" folders on windows

So for those still struggling with this, here is a partial solution/explanation that may help you get your scripts working. AWS Sync doesn't seem to exclude folders, if it has no access to read that ...
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Can't use execute-command --interactive in AWS CLI session manager

According to the official doc, you need AWS CLI 2.3.6 or later.
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Is it possible to get aws ec2 instance id based on its IP address

aws ec2 describe-instances --filter Name=private-ip-address,,10.yyy.yy.yy --query 'Reservations[].Instances[].InstanceId' --output text
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Get outputs from jq specific line

I think you have missed a { in the first line as your json is not valid without it. It should be something like { "subnet": { "availabilityzone": "us-west-1b", "...

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