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AWS SSL Certificate for Laravel on EC2 instance

Everything works well. Load Balancer adjusted through SSL certificate, In GoDaddy I added two CNAMEs: The first one refers to the Load Balancer URL. The second one is data (key, value) from ACM CNAME ...
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What exactly is aws load balancer "Protocol : Port"?

Load balancers connect to back end servers / service, defined by a target group. Requests are sent from the load balancer to the back the servers using the port and protocol in that dialog. For ...
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AWS Instance cannot connect after resizing volume and reboot

I manage to solve the issue with this steps : Delete unnecessary file Since the original issue was caused by a full disk, the first step was to reduce the storage usage. A new EC2 instance was ...
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Unable to access Url from Internet through WireGuard VPN tunnel

Wireguard Config There is a collision between your WG subnet and the external interfaces subnet. The WG subnet needs to be separate. 10.8.x.0/24 is a common choice. PUtting a random x can make "...
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AWS NAT Instance Setup

After many tries, the configuration script which worked perfectly for me on the Amazon Linux 2023 (AMI like "al2023-ami-2023*") NAT instance was: sudo yum install iptables-services -y sudo ...
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