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Backup data while keeping POSIX ACLs and permissions

Cross-posting my answer here: When creating/extracting the archive you need to use both the --acls and --xattrs options and of-course have the proper ...
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Diagnosing permission problems with Cobian Backup to network share

Launch Services on Windows , open properties of Cobian Service , under Log on tab , Change it from "Local system account" To an account which has network access (example: the Administrator ...
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How does Azure Backup backup running VMs?

I can not talk of Azure backup only for DPM (System Center Data Protection Manager), backing up Hyper-V instances. What happens is that a VM level Checkpoint is created. I Think that sends the VM a ...
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How does Azure Backup backup running VMs?

Windows VMs by default enjoy app-consistent backups thanks to tight integration between VSS-aware apps, VSS service, Azure guest agent and the Azure infrastructure itself. The above presumes that all ...
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How does Azure Backup backup running VMs?

It's the same technology used across all Windows systems and applications; it's called "Volume Shadow Copy". Here's a brief summary: All ...
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View Current State of Keepalived

Using the following command sudo kill -s $(keepalived --signum=DATA) $(cat /var/run/ cat /tmp/ You will find State = MASTER or State = BACKUP
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ETCD restore granularity

If you want to take etcd backup in JSON format that you can easily restore to any cluster, you can use this simple backup and restore utility that I have developed: simple-etcd-backup-restore This ...

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