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Bind9 extremely slow upstream resolving

The Most common issue for this kind of setup is, that forwarders {;; }; will be suggested on a lot of Tutorials, instead of using bind native resolution. ...
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Bind rpz only gives max TTL of 5 seconds

You can do that with the max-policy-ttl in the response-policy statement (the default 5 seconds is coming from there): max-policy-ttl: May appear inside an specific zone definition (in the zone ...
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Linux Bind9 DNS server, configuration throwing errors

What your DHCP server is handing out is the addresses of two publicly available DNS servers (possibly from Google?) and not your own DNS server. Since that one cannot be reached by ordinary means (...
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How can I dump an AWS Route53 zone in a BIND-compatible format?

@MikeyB your answer is great. Sometimes the default output on aws cli is not json, so you need to add --output json to have a successful execution. aws route53 list-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-...
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