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warning: managed-keys-zone/admins: No DNSKEY RRSIGs found for '.': success

You can remove following line in /etc/named.conf file include "/etc/named.root.key"; After the modification, make sure to restart named.service: #systemctl restart named
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How to turn on safe search using bind 9 without rpz

The relevant documentation from Google tells you how to do it: To force SafeSearch for your network, you’ll need to update your DNS configuration. Set the DNS entry for (and any other ...
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How do the TLD DNS servers handle so many zone file updates?

First, do you really think that there are more updates than let us say, credit card transactions per seconds in the world, managed finally by only 2 or 3 companies? Those work, so it is a solvable ...
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How do the TLD DNS servers handle so many zone file updates?

First of all, in some cases you don't have to reload immediately. If you have an SLA saying "pay us and you'll have your domain registered within X hours", you could even reload periodically ...
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bind9 TLD response uppercase?

I have seen this too, but it causes no issues with any apps for me. I suspect it is something tied to DNSSEC. I noticed this once I upgraded bind9 to a version that required DNSSEC. I suspect there ...
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