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How to take ownership of all contents in CSC folder?

Let Windows do that for you: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CSC\Parameters] "FormatDatabase"=dword:00000001 A reboot will reset your CSC and clean up all the files ...
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How to implement caching of HTTP responses in Kubernetes?

We have k8s-ingress aka Viking as a Varnish-Based Ingress Controller, which integrates the ingress controller function with anything Varnish-Cache has to offer, of which Caching is one feature. Viking ...
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How to configure nginx to serve static contents from RAM?

By default nginx uses file system to store it's cache. You can use the nginx caching alongside the tmpfs (.i.e create a memory backed file system) in order to use memory as your cache storage check ...
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Nginx FastCGI cache is EXPIRED when it should not

I may be mistaken, but it looks like you are setting the default expiration time to 1 week, but then setting it again to only 60 minutes for all php requests using cache: phpcache. You may be trying ...
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