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Shell - Fix 80 column wrap limit

I had a similar issue a few months ago with a non-CentOS server. That was resolved by fixing an issue I had in my TCL expect script that I use to log into the servers with. The fix can be found on ...
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cannot download calico on kubernetes cluster

What version of Kubernetes are you running? The PodDisruptionBudget v1 API was introduced in Kubernetes v1.21, so it requires that release at a minimum. This could be a simple fix by just running: ...
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cannot download calico on kubernetes cluster

You might find the right file - depending on what version you're using - on github. Looking at the documentation for "Install Calico networking and network policy for on-premises deployments"...
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How to enable PowerTools repository in CentOS 8?

yum config-manager --set-enabled PowerTools
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Usermod -aG vs gpasswd -a as a best practice

I'd suggest using neither and go with useradd which is the best of both worlds: useradd -G group1,group2,... username No accidental removal of user from a group unlike usermod Addition to multiple ...
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SELinux preventing Apache from writing to a file

@shodanshok's answer works except I had to remove the brackets out from mine and then everything worked... semanage fcontext -a -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t /var/www/myfolder/.*?; restorecon -RF /var/...
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FreeBSD 10 guest on qemu/kvm CentOS 7 host

8 years later I'm here to answer this question. Default FreeBSD ISO/etc does not enable serial port by default(As far as I know). I solved it by building a custom ISO. 1) Install FreeBSD using virt-...
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Samba share not accessible to client in the same network

You've got two issues here You're trying to access \\testshare instead of \\\testshare. I'm going to assume that's a typo but it's important to be precise You have a hosts ...
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Reasons for Permission denied on execution

In my case on arm64 embedded system with own initramfs the error fully fixed by 2 simple commands: # chmod a+x /lib/ # export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/lib" How I've found this fix? ...
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CentOS 7: Postfix logs got cleared when running history -c. How can I investigate what happened the day the log was cleared?

These two events are not in a causal relationship; history manipulates the history list, not any service log files. Check your logrotate configuration. logrotate --debug /etc/logrotate.conf There is ...
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Leapp upgrade : no matches found for the following disable plugin patterns : subscription-manager

The error message you provided seems to be related to package management and repository configuration issues on a Linux system. It appears that there are conflicts between different packages and ...
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Firewall not keeping relay attempts from reaching postfix

It's been a while and despite my attempts at providing the information I was being asked, no one other than user anx seemed to find my problem worthy of providing some assistance. I wish whoever down-...
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