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qemu-img create -f qcow2 -o size=199G,preallocation=full file.img mv file.img file.raw qemi-img resize -f raw file.raw 200G ( The last command is needed to align the file to block size 512b )


Follow these steps and hope will resolve the issue - # rpm -e zabbix-release Now, install the package you want to install and follow below steps. # yum info zabbix-release # yum list zabbix-release This will clear from your yum cache also. # yum clean zabbix-release # yum clean all # yum install zabbix-agent


There are two methods. It's really statistics. The first method (as by OP) leads to: 1/4 (--every 4) gets first choice 1/3 (--every 3) of remaining gets 2nd choice There are only two rules in OP's question but one can assume two more (or one more plus default) would follow: 1/2 of remaining gets 3rd choice remaining gets 4th choice As iptables' nat table ...

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