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SSH not working

First check connectivity with ping/tracerout.. if communicate is ok (if not check the routing table) then check the sshd status on the vm ... make sure that port 22 is open on the firewall too
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Nodejs Nginx error: (13: Permission denied) while connecting to upstream

I responded to this scenario in the link below. I was successful
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Install and launch chrome in centos 7

Have you tried with Gnome? Maybe works better.
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Start vsftpd instances by systemd target

Why /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf is triggered? This happens because you did not stop the initial vsftpd.service that was created and launched when installing the package. To stop and disable this service ...
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having issues while accessing Postgresql

Step 1 stat -c "%G" . Step 2 sudo usermod -aG <the output from the step 1> postgres
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Install shibboleth timeout in centos

One can directly use site instead of OpenSuse repositories, as older packages in these repositories gets removed over time. Steps: 1. Go to
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