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Is Inspect means this policy inspect as well ? my doubt? Inspect: When the action is set to Inspect, the Enterprise Firewall with Application Aware policy tracks the state of the flows and creates sessions. Since it maintains the state of the flows, the return traffic is allowed and there is no need to configure a separate policy for return traffic. • Pass: ...


Q: "Populate a variable with the name of the interface when the description contains a certain word." A: For example - set_fact: result: "{{ ansible_facts.ansible_network_resources.interfaces| selectattr('description', 'search', pattern)| map(attribute='name')| list }}" ...


Like written at the end of the initial post, the problem was resolved by configuring the IP interface via SSH instead of via Web GUI The settings were exactly the same and simple (IP / GW / Hostname / Ports / Interface) I had assumed I did not have to do anything, since the Cisco support took several hours over many days to examine it.

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