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How to find what is wearing out my SSDs

It’s hard to be certain without more details on the age of the systems, the exact model and age of the SSDs, and a handful of other factors. Assuming good quality SSDs, 1-2% on the wear indicator in a ...
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How to find what is wearing out my SSDs

Check swapping - that is a typical indicator. Check whether you run any temp files for whatever software - that may be another one. Both need you to check and given that temp files are software ...
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Subnet mask for

With, the addresses range from - is the network address. is the broadcast address. You cannot apply either of those 2 ...
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How to find what is wearing out my SSDs

You can use ProcMon for Linux to trace file system calls.
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Subnet mask for

/30 uses the lower two bits as the host part. As with all IPv4 subnets, the all-zero ..00 address and the all-one ..11 (subnet directed broadcast) address aren't usable for hosts. means ...
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How to find what is wearing out my SSDs

You can approach this problem top-down. That means first set up a monitoring such as netdata that continuously writes all the relevant IO metrics into a database for all servers. Using that data you ...
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Connection reset by port 22

Too long for a comment. In general: Debugging server issues is not (only) done from the client side. Don't only report on client-side issues (the ssh -vvv output), also show relevant server ...
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Are SFP+ "Ethernet" direct attach cables compatible with Fibre Channel?

In theory, yes. The base standard SFF-8431 for SFP+ (up to 10 Gbit/s nominally and 11.1 GBd physically) is the same for Ethernet and Fibre Channel. You could use any 10G SFP+ DAC with 8GFC as well - ...
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1 vote

How to check total operating hours for Cisco Catalyst switches?

Check the manufactured date to make sure. CISCO material usually don't lay 2/3 years in a stock house, so the date might give you an idea of the age and if refurbished. You can use cisco sn lookup ...
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Ansible to a Cisco Router :: Password Message Messing Up the Connection?

can confirm that the spaces after the ansible_(insert_variable) fixed my issue as well at the full ansible.netcommon.network_cli in my vars
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Cannot ssh into cisco switch: Invalid key length

As outlined here: you're able to specify the RSAMinSize on RHEL based distros. [~@~]$ ssh [email protected] Bad ...
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