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You can specify manually the networks you want to advertise to each peer in the router bgp configuration, router bgp network X.X.X.X mask X.X.X.X You can also use the redistribute command in the router bgp configuration, to advertise all the directly connected networks, this configuration is unique by peer, so, you can configure this in the one you want to ...


It does seem to be possible without serial port. By default it requests "Power On Auto Provisioning" via dhcp, and there is an open source tool to respond to it. The serial cable part number is 72-3383-01 but it's possible to use a makeshift adapter with a regular ftdi cable using this pinout:


Cisco has a standard serial cable, called a "console cable." You can find the pinouts on line, or I'm sure there many places to buy one.


The router OS tries to keep CPU load as low as possible. Therefore even when interface processor modules do not have their own ASICs they utilize separate packet processing CPU loops/threads. When ACLs filter out uninteresting packets they just skipped silently, freeing packet queues memory and not affecting CPU. In fact packet processing of a single 64K ...


If you have a router/firewall and you are doing 'router on a stick' or have each subnet connected from the router via its own interface to the switch capable of Layer 3 also, then on the switch you can have multiple gateways of last resort. Lets take a router with 2 x LAN Subnets of and Router LAN Interface is setup with: Fa0/0.1 = 10....


Hi i tried a lot of things and the below is what worked for me To connect to cisco anyconnect vpn using commandline from windows: Install anyconnect using the installer In powershell create a file named vpn-cred.dat(any name would do) with following contents connect server-host y username password y Then create a .cmd file with ...

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